the water bringer

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celtic songs have flowed from my veins.
like water washing over me.
 my words are now freeing themselves upon blank lonely pages. 
five thousand two hundred and seventeen words written so far.
only day four.
...many more words to go...

ceana and the others.
they have all now been borne.
finally they breathe.
they've been set free to roam blank pages wildly.

{image via pinterest}

...and yet they want more freedom, more life, more words with which to convey their journey's.

i am behind. words seemingly stuck and not wanting to be forced out.
i don't give up, though many a writer is farther than i.
this story wants to be told.
whether in thirty days or the extra days that may be required of them.

NaNoWriMo you try me, but you also have moved me.
you have moved me towards words released.
you have moved me towards new found writer knowledge.
already you have taught me much.
and it's only day four.

already the many water coloured words of this writer flow.

{linking up to emily's imperfect prose as these words of mine have been found imperfect. the best way to be. incomplete so HE can fill.}


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I can't wait until you are done-whenever that is- to read it! It already sounds so poetic and interesting. I may have finished a book but you have the poetic words.


  2. i love this post! it's so exciting to see you and tiffany and others set off on your nanowrimo journeys. feel free to bounce ideas off me or anything you like! i'm not participating this year because i'm writing a novel as my honors senior project next semester, but a small part of my november will be spent researching and preparing for that. i'm excited about it!

  3. oh, Sarah, love! this is gorgeous. i am so glad that you are undertaking this journey, and that you are stepping through this looking glass with me and with Him.

    this is beautiful, dearheart. <3

  4. oh friend these words are beautiful, and i'm so excited for your book that you are writing! may God release those characters you speak of... may he fill you with inspiration. and thank you for 'linking' up through the comments, even though i'd already closed the meme. bless you friend. e.

  5. Sarah,

    I treasure you as an inspiring writing friend.

    I left you two little somethings on my blog today...:-)

    Thank you for being an encouragement to me!



  6. Thanks you, ladies! I cherish your words and friendship and support SO MUCH! I am so very blessed to know you all! =)


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