growing pains, they become us

(image via: pinterest)

it is pained, this act of growing.
and yet life is this complicated gift given.
her times are just stressful now. 
back and forth, a major contradiction.

she wears the mask of the thin, the confused.
over and over and over, she prays
there are more questions than answers.
what and where and who?
to give, or not to give?

and yet she tries to be daring still.
she's learning to remain restless all the while.
while giving heart and body and mind.

she remembers five things to thank her king for.
she tries to love and let go, as best she can. 
she constantly lives and learns and yearns.
wanting more, more and more.

then she flies and fails and wakes once more.
only to find there are small triumphs daily.
and she is held safely within her nest.
her peace, her all, her "Him."

many arguments now left trailing behind her.
fights not won, but nonetheless we move on.
hopes they had for her, do they die? 
has she died or just taken a different flight?

she's pained to disappoint them.
then with disagreement, we all are crushed.
and she scratches at the surface, for something to grasp.
is she truly a disappointment to them?

can she ever move, from this place of  mind-heart restraint?
her wonderment begins to grow wilder. 
...will he have the faith to just move?
questions are mounting.
and she becomes more restless.

growing pains, they commence and encompass.
and their circling breaths... oh, their stretching pains...
they become shortened and lame.
as she chooses to dare anyway.

growing restless, daring more. 
letting go and feeling again.
these pains, they become us...
unless they are all given over to Him.

(life is imperfect, these words are those of an imperfect restless soul. linking up with emily today.)


  1. Oh Sarahbelle, how I love you. You keep seeking Him, He will show you the straight and narrow path laid out for you. It may not be the one you would choose,or the one someone else might choose for you, but it is the one HE HAS ALREADY chosen,so seek, continue to seek HIM and have the courage to follow through with what He tells you. I love you!

  2. you put into beautiful spoken words the restlessness that many feel, yet may not be able to say. Blessings to you in this journey, keep yourself present as you walk and you will uncover beauty.

  3. Oh the restlessness of growing expressed it so eloquently...that space between here and where God is calling us...

    thanks for sharing.

  4. That internal struggle is life-long, but windows of peace are stronger as you follow Him. Check out It's a poetry place. Big link day is Tuesday after 2pm. Thursdays and Saturdays there's a poetry challenge. It's a diverse group of poets. I think your work would be a nice addition.

  5. what a beautiful post xxxx

  6. these small triumphs daily, these are what i love for. beautiful.

  7. thank you ladies for your very kind words and love!

  8. This.Was.Great.
    'Nough said.
    Actually, as I have a thing for much verbiage (my sister not-so-artfully calls it "word vomit) I have to comment on one more thing...this post, and your latest one above it (breakdown) I can really, truly relate to. Its like you got into my head which sounds rather creepy I know...but seriously, thank you for being transparent.

  9. {meghan} i know, we surely all have our moments of breaking down. i'm so glad that we can relate in this together. remember that neither you or i or anyone else are never truly alone...and through our breakdowns we become that much stronger.


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