c'est noel

Merry Christmas Eve oh, restless bird readers! And now, a quizical tag...


eggnog or hot chocolate?

does santa wrap your presents or just sit them under the tree?
santa does not wrap my presents. my parents do.

colored lights or white lights?
i love sparkleh white lights!

do you hang mistletoe?
um, no.

when do you hang up your holiday decorations?
my family has never had a set time for decorating, but the tree usually gets put up sometime during the first week of december. (this year however we don't have a christmas tree.)

what is your favorite holiday dish?
our dishes change from year to year, but this evening we are having steak. I LOVE steak smothered with bernaise sauce! ooh, i so can't wait for dinner!

what is your favorite holiday memory from childhood?
probably the year i got a talking baby doll for christmas. oh, ho ho boy, and when i found out that it DID indeed talk i remember screaming in petrified horror, crying like crazy and then that poor baby doll sailed across the room, by my own hands. lol!

what is on your christmas wish list?

do you open gifts on christmas eve?
yes. my family and i have always spent christmas eve with my grandparents. we eat a lovely meal, sit by the fireplace (when it's cold enough), eat scrumptious desserts and then we exchange gifts with one another.

how do you decorate your tree?
with white lights and assorted ornaments. i have everything from a gandalf ornament to a corpse bride ornament. oh, and you can't forget the jack skellington ornament!

snow: love it or dread it?
i love snow! it snowed my very first christmas ever and now i am forever in love with christmastime snow. sigh. (it's like 61 degrees here so i am betting we are out of luck on a chance of snow. boo.)

real tree or fake tree?
i love the sight and scent of the  real deal, but my folks like their fake-o one. 

do you remember your favorite gift?
my first kiss. i got my first kiss in december, and that i believe cannot be topped (at least it hasn't been yet! ;)

what's the most important thing about christmas to you?
jesus. family. having a giving spirit. traditions.

what is your favorite holiday dessert?
i am infatuated with my grandma's new york style chocolate pecan cheesecake!

what is your favorite holiday tradition?
getting together with the family on christmas eve

what do you put on top of your tree?
we've always had an angel adorning the crown of our evergreen. :-)

do you prefer giving or receiving?
i love both. my second love language is definitely gifts! ;-)

what is/are your favorite christmas song(s)?
sing we now of christmas, carol of the bells, hallelujah (light has come)sussex carol, greensleeves, bring a torch jeanette, isabella, god rest ye merry gentlemen, petit papa noel

candy canes: yucky or yummy?
i like peppermint just fine, but not candy canes. i know, i'm weird.

favorite christmas movie{s}:
the grinch who stole christmas, elf, a christmas story, the nativity story, christmas with the kranks, christmas with a capital c, thomas kinkade's the christmas cottage, the santa claus, the santa claus 2, the santa claus 3

what do you leave for santa?
nothing now, but when i was a kiddo we left milk and cookies for santa clause and carrots for his reindeer.

do you have a christmas morning tradition?
my sister and i usually check to see what is hiding in our christmas stockings and then we wait for momma and daddy to wake up. then we open presents. then we make and eat either french toast and maple bacon, or fla{c}ky biscuits, eggs and maple bacon. then we watch a ton of christmas movies together. 

do you prefer to shop online or at the mall?
 online most definitely.

christmas letter or christmas card?
christmas letters. i love to hear how God has worked in a person's life over the duration of a year and i like to receive a picture. oh, and i love sappy christmas love letters too! (wink wink)

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( i got the idea for this tag/post off of my bloggy friend annie's blog. i hope you don't mind, girl!?)


  1. This was fun to read! Merry Christmas!!

  2. of course i don't mind! i loved reading through your answers! love that you left what i'd written for the santa wrapping presents & mistletoe questions. we actually were talking the other day about how, when i was about six or so, i straight up just told my mom i knew she was the one writing out the gift tags that said "from santa." haha!


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