my not so mundane life

{Jared and Me}

My handsome love and I got to spend our weekend together. Oh, le sigh. Thank goodness too, because nearly two weeks apart from each other always nearly kills me!

You know, I don't do this enough, honestly, telling you about myself and my personal life, but if you don't mind I'd like to tell you about my weekend with my love. Somehow I always convince myself that my normal everyday-life-posts would just be too boring to bother with writing for you all to read, but this will change soon, because God works in the mundane and the micro and I know He wants me to share my heart more willingly about my days here on Earth. I guess every once in a while I could break away from my proseful and nerdy writer filled randomness posts and just let you all have a little peek into my so-called-not-so-mundane-after-all-life. Sound good? (Just so you know letting you hear and glimpse a bit more into the simple days I live really freaks me out!) Here goes...

My Weekend In A (HUGE) Nutshell

I woke up at 6 am. This does not happen often (you may all applaud now.) I ate breakfast, did my Kardio and Yoga workout, packed my bag and hit the road to go visit my love (who lives over an hour away) around 7:50 am. I know, I'm just that awesome (insert laughter here please.)

I drove through mountain fog and curvy roads and then I finally made it. You know, there's nothing quite like not having seen someone whom you desperately love in two weeks and then getting to see them again. I love that rush of excitement when I see his blues eyes flash a smile towards me. It's then I know joy and love and home all over again, and the butterflies start swirling in my tummy. I love my J to the moon and back again!

Anyhow, J and I decided to head out into the rainy day even though we knew our previous plans of walking around the downtown streets was blown. So where does a nerdy bookish writer couple like us head when it's rainy and we don't want to be cooped up at home all day? Barnes & Noble. We perused books for a good long time and then stomachs starting to chime in with "is it lunch time yet?" Momma gave me two $10 gift cards to Applebee's and I bet you can guess where we ate at for lunch, right? I'm really proud of myself because I stuck to my new lifestyle diet. I ordered water to drink and for my main entree I ordered steak and a double veggie medley. (Good girl, Sarah!)

                                                                           Source: via sarah on Pinterest

After lunch we drove out to the used bookstore. I had a large box full of books that I wanted to trade in and it was pouring down rain at this point of our date day. I'm smart though and before we left J's grandparents house I asked for a glad bag. So I hauled my black sack of books into the bookstore. The books made it without getting wet, me and J though, well, we weren't as lucky. I was able to trade in all of my books and ended up getting The Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling and a copy of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. I used my book trade credit on my books and the store still ended up owing me trade credit. How fab is that? Needless to say I'm always a happy girl after I've been perusing the used bookstore while holding my guy's hand, most of the time.

J and I made it out of the used bookstore without going hog wild on purchasing books. Amazed? Yeah, I was too. Then I started talking non-stop about Sherlock Holmes: A Games of Shadows, as I'd already seen it and J had not. And then my smart boyfriend got the hint and we headed to the movies to see when the show times were. The next showing didn't start for another 45 minutes so we headed back to the mall and ended up in B&N for the second time and I ended up buying a copy of Matched and Divergent, both of which I've been dying to read. Yes, I'm on a Dystopia book kick right now. I dunno why!

You know, back to the hinting... I don't know why I have trouble suggesting things or telling people exactly what I want, but I do, so I usually ended up dropping hints as heavy as nuclear bombs and then everyone around me knows exactly what I so desire. Lame I know, but alas this is me: world's-biggest-hint-dropper. Seriously, you should live with me in April and the first few weeks of May because I'd drive you insane with all of my hints I drop because my day of birth is drawing nearer and nearer. Anywho...I digress.

                                                                           Source: via sarah on Pinterest

I honestly loved Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows even more than I did the first time I saw it. If you've not seen it yet, please do before it is no longer in theatre's, okay? It's amazing and epic and oh so very clever! It's now in my top five fave movies. "It's so overt. It's covert."

After we got out of the movies I started talking about living a more healthier lifestyle, which drove my guy crrrrazzzzy. I tend to get completely righteous and a bit loud and overbearing when I want you to hear what I have to say. So we both got out of the car at the mall, stubborn pig headed attitudes intact, and I continued to rant and rant and rant on. We finally made it to the food court and got some Chic Fil A for dinner, J's treat. Then we had a short spat at the table...then came a word stab followed by hurt silence...then there came grace and talking things out. J is very good about being full of grace for me and for others, where as I need to work on having grace grace grace pounded into my stubborn self.

                                                                          Source: via sarah on Pinterest

After dinner and apologizing we drove back home through the rain. Nothing really exciting to report on the drive back except that I may or may not have been singing obnoxiously. We made it home and then decided to snuggle up under a quilt and watch Scrubs on DVD and then we broke out J's copy of The Thing, which I had never seen before, but found quite gross and awesome all at the same time. A word of advice if you've just recently eaten and or have a really weak stomach don't watch this movie, okay? The Thing was an awesome Sci-Fi flick, and minus some cursing the story would have been monster movie perfection.

After the scary movie it was bed time. I made my way to the guest room and slept soundly to the constant tapping of the rain until morning.

Sunday...was quite a bit more relaxed.

J and I got up and ready for Church. Drove to Church. Had a good time laughing and learning alongside newly made friends in the College Sunday School Class and then listened to Pastor Stan preach a sermon on parenting in today's times. While the message was not intended for J or I right now, we both still took notes and listened intently.

After church came Quizno's subs for the both of us. I'm in love with Quizno's, just so ya'll know! Then we went back to the house and grabbed J's laptop so we could head out to B&N (again for the 3rd time) so J could check on his homework for his online classes. I perused books again while J answered his quiz questions and then we got outta there and J indulged me by doing what I so desperately wanted to do but wouldn't say so (I did drop major hints about it though at B&N!) We went and parked downtown in A-ville and walked and walked and managed to go into a few whimsical-ish stores. We really do enjoy taking long walks, looking at the mountain views from the city streets and listening to the local musician's play on the street corners. Yep, downtown is definitely one of my favorite places ever (the picture above ^ is of the roof of the St. Lawrence Basilica from downtown last year.)

(I've already practically typed a small novella here...yikes! I'm going to tell you about the rest of my weekend in a major run-on sentence, okay?)

We got in the car, made it home, I packed my stuff up and put it in my car, then J and I snuggled up again under a quilt, because we were freezing from walking around downtown and watched The Iron Giant and then I left for home and prayed for a good long stretch of the journey because it was so foggy that I couldn't see the road at all, or any of the other many cars on the highway around me.

The End

So there you have it. A peek into my run-on-sentence filled life. How was your weekend?


  1. As one who has been following your blog for a while (a year or so? long enough that I feel like I know you :)) and faithful reader of several blogs, I have to say that it's nice once in a while to get a peek at the blogger's "real life." So don't feel like you're boring people! It's nice to see the person behind the writings. And I love that you're so joyously in love! It's infectious to read about it and makes my heart smile for you.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting and following my blog faithfully, noseinanovel! I'm really glad you weren't bored. ;)

  2. What a weekend! You packed it with fun! And Barnes and Noble is the BEST! Including for dates! heehee I think you will find there are many of us girls around the USA who love to go on dates with our hubbies or boyfriends or our girl friends to Barnes and Noble! :) Cute post!

  3. Oh and how could I forget? My hub and I went and saw Sherlock Holmes 2 in theaters a while back as a date and it IS GOOD! :)

  4. It was a pretty blissful weekend, Sierra! :) And making THREE trips to B&N in one weekend was pretty fantastic, I must say. Well, I mean, how could you possibly beat The Hunger Games!? Come on. I'm dying to see he movie in feels as if it's forever away... Definitely let me know what you think after having read Divergent, okay? I have two friends reading it now (including you!)

  5. Oh, but wasn't it deliciously good!? ;)

  6. I loved your post :)and by the way we are following each other now ... finally I logged in and started following you haha :) yay!!!

  7. Smiled the whole way through this mini-novella. I love the not-so-mundane. :)

  8. It was such fun to "hear" about your life, and I really like your "writing voice" or your way of saying things, or whatever you want to call it... :P You're such a pleasure to read. :)

    1. Oh, well, thank you! I'm glad it didn't bore you to tears. ;)


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