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"Each of us has been designed for one of two immortal functions, as either a storyteller or as a cross-legged listener to tales of wonder, love and daring." 
Bryce Courtenay

I love to make up stories in my head. I also love to write them out, just as much as I like to read them in a book myself, or listen to stories being told aloud by an author on an audio-book, or by a loved one.

Oh, I have such fond memories of my loved ones reading to me aloud! I truly do. I honestly believe that having storyteller's at work in my own life, alongside reading books on my own, is what has truly made me into a more intelligent young woman, a stronger writer and an all around more inspired daring dreamer in  my own life.

Without stories woven throughout my life, I'm absolutely sure that there would be less of me for you all to see right now. Thank the Lord for stories and storyteller's!


I have such fond memories of making up my own stories in my head and then writing them out, by myself or with a friend, on notebook paper when I was a kiddo. Goodness, the stories I wrote back then! I think I was a better listener back then than a writer, personally, but through reading and hearing stories I have myself become a better writer and storyteller (or at least I think so!)

This cross-legged listening and gift of writing is something that I pray that I'll be able to share with my own family one day in the near future. It will be a wonderful thing, to raise up the next generation of storyteller's, don't you think?

I fondly recall those moments of cuddling up under a quilt, by myself or with a loved one, on a dismal and very dreary grey day, book in hand and imagination ready for story to be spilled over into every crevice of my young-sponge mind, and it still excites me to this very day. I just love stories.

Yes, I do indeed love stories...
Stories of magnificent lions and finely carved wooden wardrobes. Stories about digging holes out in the hot desert sun. Stories of beautiful singing mermaids who turn into foam. Stories of love and a giant evil brain and magnificent winged creatures who were once stars.

Those moments where I was filled with wide eyed wonder and was so full of "what happens next" thoughts were what carried me and sustained me when I was in my youth. It was knowing that there was a good book awaiting my return at the end of a long hard day that helped me make it through many difficult growing stretching years.

Stories shared, told, and written, are a true thing of beauty. They feed the imagination and make our souls take flight. They inspire and cause the child within us to grow into an adult that still calls themselves daring dreamer, ready to wonder the world, wide eyed and empowered. After reading and exploring our own imagination we are ready to become cross-legged listener's and storyteller's.

So for these very reasons up above, I will write to share my imagination and my heart. I will read to soul search, and to discover who I am more deeply, each and every day.

I'll forever be a cross-legged listener and reflection filled writer. I'll be the storyteller who feeds the imagination of the next generation, who will then share stories with the next generation of storyteller's and cross-legged listener's and the next, etc.

Are you a cross-legged listener, or writer, or both too?


  1. I'm so glad you're a writer and a cross-legged listener too, Sierra! Oh, and I CANNOT WAIT to read Divergent, especially since you've said it's so AWESOME!!

  2. me too. i adore stories. and you are so good at telling them...

  3. I think up stories in my head but I've never written any!! :) I think I am probably more of a listener! :)

  4. Both --- I can't get enough of stories! ;)

    God bless ♥

    Katie, the Purity Girl


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