in which the ((sick)) restless bird rambles

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I've been sick all week long with some kind of evil bug that must want to destroy my lungs or something. I'm not even kidding. My chest is tight, sleep has become a struggle and my chest feels as if its wreathed in flames. Oh, joy! One good thing about being sick though is that my momma fixes me extraneous amounts of lovely hot tea with honey. So it all can't be bad, right?

 Another good thing about being sick...since there's obviously many a silver lining for every single grey cloud, right? that I've had tons of time to research for my WIP novel. I must say that Wikipedia is like a haven for us writer's. Seriously. I find so much info on that site it's just plain crazy! 

Are there any other sites you writer's frequent that gives you plenty of novel ideas, or helps with your research? I'd love to know where those sites are if you know 'em! 

((Ahem, Pinterest is a given my friends.))

I've discovered this week that world building is indeed my most favorite part of the writing process, so far that is. But who knows, maybe I'll be the weirdo chick who loves to edit her novels when they're done being written. Me loving the editing process? Becoming the Grammar Police? Hah! Yeah right! A girl can dream though, can't she?

I've also had tons of time to watch lots of movies. And I must say that a lot of them have given me writing inspiration, although some movies and shows I really just watched for general funzies (as my J says.) 

                                                                            Source: via sarah on Pinterest

I absolutely fell in love with the movie Hans Christian Andersen: My Life As A Fairytale. It was a realllly long movie (three hours, folks!), but I truly began to fall head over heels in love with the awkward and very much so A.D.D. daydreamer of a young man that was Hans Christian Andersen.  I mean now that I think about his stories, like The Ugly Duckling for instance, and even many of his other fairy tales, I've begun to understand and notice that his own personal life, the world that he experienced every day around him, and his lack of social skills drove him to write the absolutely most wonderful tales. 

Okay, so I'm pretty sure I've established that I am a BIG fairytale/Hans Christian Andersen fan as of now! Have I not? YES, I think so.

Moving on.

                                                                            Source: via sarah on Pinterest

My new found guilty pleasure as far as television shows goes is H2O: Just Add Water. I just started watching this show on Netflix this week and I've already been baited and hooked! The show is about a group of three young aussie teens who turn into mermaids after washing ashore on a mysterious moonlit's rather comical and is full of plain old mermaid-awesomness. It makes me happy.

As you can clearly see I'm on a BIG mermaid kick right now (for various reasons that I will not disclose at this exact moment in time! ;) My Pinterest board called Maighdean Na Tuinne can attest to this fact. 

Speaking of stories and new found pleasures...

I just started reading Halflings by Heather Burch and I'm already hooked on the story! Half angels and a young teen girl being chased by hell hounds? Yes, PLEASE sign me up to read this new series! I just so happened to read the e-prequel (11:15 The Making of a Halfling) on my Kindle before I started reading Halflings and I was already sold on the story and characters after having read it.

If you're interested in reading the e-prequel you can find it on amazon for FREE HERE.

Anyway, enough rambling for now. My love is coming to see me tomorrow! So really I should be in bed by now getting an extra helping of beauty sleep!

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Before I leave though I'd just like to say W E L C O M E to Oh, Restless Bird to all of you new following lovelies! I'm really glad you've decide to make nest here! 

((And I promise that I'm not this random all the time.))

I would love to know a few things though before you go... 

What are you currently reading and watching? If you have any suggestions for me or just want to ramble a bit, find me in the comments section and we'll chat, okay?


  1. Sorry to hear that you are sick! Get well soon!! :) I love that print on the top, it is so true that it made me smile! :) I have always had a thing for mermaids too, funny, cause my name is Arielle and everyone always says "oh like the mermaid!" :)

    1. I know. I'd love to have a copy of that print on the top! Yes, now that I know your real name I've been thinking of you and your mermaid name every time my mind wanders to mermaid-land! ;)

  2. Hi! Hope you feel better soon! I'm a new follower, well technically... I've been reading your blog for a while and I just created my own blog Lol! This blogging thing is harder than I thought! Lol


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