mocha machiattos and late night convos

*mocha machiatto from mallory*

Sometimes there are just those days, you know, those kind of days when nothing is right but nothing is really drastically wrong either. Yeah, well, I just made it through one of those days and it was a looooong one at work, stocking bookshelves, setting book endcaps and answering the phone 85,000,000 times.

You know, It's not like there were any extremely bothersome customers or anything that should have caused me to be in a somewhat withdrawn, grumpy mood, but I was still in one nonetheless. Honestly, there has been waaaaay too much on my mind lately. Things like whether or not I should go to College and get a degree in something, anything, and a lot of other somethings too.

Unfortunately, I think my super jam packed stressed out mind was over thinking a bit too much tonight. I really hope all of my customers who came into the store today didn't notice my withdrawn and overly pensive nature. I mean, I'm pretty sure I was pleasant and helpful and all, but you can always tell when a person's mind is elsewhere. Sigh.

In the midst of my silence and thinking too much I found myself busily rearranging the fiction section at the bookstore for the umpteenth time. Then I heard the door slam and my mind came back to the real world. Looking up from behind the fiction shelves, where I was working on alphabetizing the author's with G and H names, I saw an acquaintance of mine, Mallory, walk through the door with a coffee cup in her hand. She came up to me in the fiction section and handed me the cup of coffee, which she then revealed was a mocha machiatto "because who hates mocha machiatto's, right?"...and that she had read my post on facebook from earlier where I had mentioned that I was "so NOT in an up and at 'em mood today" and thought that I could use some cheering up and energy, in the form of one excellent cup of coffee. I immediately said thank you and threw my arms around her in a friendly embrace, and then she left just as quickly as she had come in.

I don't even think Mallory realized just how much that small mocha machiatto with philippians 4:4 scrawled around the edges meant to me tonight. That little cup of coffee brought me not only a dose of energy, but also of joy. After Mallory had left I continued helping customers, stocking books, and then found that the time flew and it was indeed time to close up shop. Then I got a chance to talk to Avery (my friend/co-worker) about his first day of College. I hadn't even really asked him about his first day of school because I guess I was just too busy being lost in my own muddied thoughts. I know, I'm horrible for doing so. Sorry, Avery!

When Avery and I had finished all the paperwork, counted the registers, turned off the lights and then locked up the door I turned to Avery before walking off toward my car and just stood there in the parking lot, talking and reflecting and asking him about his day. Turns out Avery was in a grumpy mood too. It was nice to laugh off the day and turn our perspectives and grumpy pants ways upside down on their heads and find that God had been speaking all along.

All it took was one kind young woman, a cup of coffee and a late night talk about stress and how God's got it with a dear friend and coworker. God had been speaking "letting go of stress" and joy over us all day today. Though neither one of us had realized it until the day was almost done.

 / / /

Thank you Lord for helping me find that spark, that energy and joy this evening...even if it did take me all day to find it. And thank you for Mallory and Mocha Machiatto's and late night talks with Avery.

Love, Me


  1. I think that is just about the loveliest thing I've ever read. Thank you so much for sharing. I think it's a really good remind that little things are so important. Little gifts. Little thoughts. Little words of encouragement.
    (I just spent 3 minutes trying to think of something funny to say about nesting and birds. And I have nothing. So laugh. For no reason. To make me feel funny. Okay. That's all. Bye :)

  2. I love the book of Philippians! So full of great wisdom, especially having joy when it's difficult :)


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