Come now just let it go...let it

"Come now just let it go, let it fall down. Let it all flow like...the water that's rushing in over your soul til there's nothing left...won't you come to me and rest?" from the song 'Rest' By: Nevertheless

As I listened to this song only a moment ago....realization hit me...I have made no time for God lately! That is a startling realization, especially since I have so many things I need to lay at His feet, praise Him for...asking Him to help out others that are on my heart right now.

He still works in my heart and in my life when I am not currently 'talking' to Him...but I know He longs for me to call on Him daily...He yearns to hear my voice call His own. He longs for me to come and rest. I am gonna take a minute to pray...and I feel it is welcomed that I post it here...I don't think My King will mind.

"Lord, right now I owe you an apology! A big one! I am sorry... You have been patient enough, and so filled with grace and love for me. I know that you were just waiting for me to realize that just resting....perhaps even sitting what I need right now. Maybe that's why I have been sick so many days...could you have meant for that to grasp my attention when I had finally sat still long enough? I am sorry I have been so distracted...I fall in and out of the rhythm...over and over...and I don't understand. I feel so empty, and yet also wholly filled can it be? Thank you for my family, for my Boyfriend Jared, my friends, this coming holiday season...for the many blessings you have given me! Thank you! Please Lord help me to remember to stay in your word, and to stay in touch with rest. *amen*"

'There is only one relationship that really matters, and that is your personal relationship to your personal Redeemer and Lord. If you maintain that at all costs, letting everything else go, God will fulfill His purpose through your life.' Devotion for November 30th (My Utmost For His Highest.)

I love you for reeling my heart back in every time I cast myself away from you Lord!
-Your Daughter

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  1. Oh how often we all find ourselves here in this very place you speak of. This reminds me of the hymn: Come Thou Fount Every Blessing.. do you know it? Look it up on iTunes if you don't have it.
    ... bind my wandering heart to Thee, prone to wander Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I love, Here's my heart Lord, take it seal it...
    I love you


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