No Pain, No Gain {Superchic[k]}

Well, I wish I was a superchick. I wish I had not walked 5 miles...scratch that...I enjoyed my time walking verily. I think next time I shall be more chary about the exact distance I decide to go though. It was so beautiful...where I went walking at...just down the road a piece mind you. Yeah right...I walked roughly 2 1/2 miles there and back of roughly guesstimating I walked for about 5 miles. I talked to a few cows... It was really funny...when I got back from my long walk I told my Momma that I was talking to the cows, mooing at them, and they were listening, and then at the same moment Momma and I both said guess I/You am/are like the "Cow Whisperer!" :) Gotta love it...great mind's think alike...

I am sorry this blog entry is so random and spacey. Right now I am in pain, I am happy, I am full of joy, and I am in a wondering state...

I don't wanna go ANYWHERE today...but the car payment is I must leave my humble abode. Maybe Momma can take me to go make my car payment today...I don't really feel like driving feeling the way I do.

I am in a very talkative mood today, so give me a call or text me or something...................


PS- I have a bad cough...let's pray and ward off that potential 'cold bug' away from me shall we!?!?

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