Congratulation's are in order!

One of my best guy friends, Ben, who I have known since I was 3 years old just told me some exciting news. I feel so honored, as he is a dear friend of mine, that I was the first person he told that he is going to be getting married on June, 19th 2010. Congratulations Ben & Crystal! I love you so much Ben...I wish you nothing less than blissful happiness and blessings from God in your life! You keep on running the race that is marked by Him...and you are sure to succeed in life.

Also, my parent's will have been married for 24 years as of tomorrow, November 2nd. Congratulations Daddy & Momma! I love you both so much! You have both been such loving parents and great examples of what living as Christ looks like. Though we struggle, it is meant to be sometimes, tempered on the other side you will emerge from the flame with God alongside.

You both have taught me well, and I seek to be as great a parent as you both are one day. Thank you Daddy (Mark) & Momma (Franziska) for being who God called you both to be. Thank you for raising me with love, and a fear of God...because of you both I have come to know who Jesus Christ is! I love you dearest...Momma! I Luba Yuba Tuba...Daddy!

Much Love,

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  1. Congrats to Ben! That is exciting!

    Congrats to your Momma and Daddy, it is not always easy to be married, many don't bother, many give up, but the committed seek the Lord in hard places and grow during the hard times, producing more Godly character. This is how I see your parents.


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