Bent Beneath

  • Bent beneath my worldly load I give it all to HIM.
  • He holds His hand outstretched for me...offering my insatiable thirst it's needed drink.
  • I seek a hope and a peace, which are only found within HIM.
  • I'm striving to feel your Spirit within. I only ever long to hear your voice speaking to my soul. Will you begin to speak Lord?
  • I'm feeling bent beneath this worldly load that's seemingly been shoved down my throat.
  • Your hand remains open to grasp mine. All the time You are near when my cares weigh me down.
  • I am no longer bent beneath the world and it's vices. When I climb into Your hand...You alone satisfy all living things. My God You are enough for me!

~Psalm 145:14-16~

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