The Ram is on it's Way

Weird title? Yes, I know it is! This morning while sitting alone in the silence...devotion time...what a wonderful message was brought forth to my attention. I have never thought about the story in Genesis chapter 22 the way I have this morning. The story was the one where Abraham is asked to sacrifice his only son Issac (perhaps a foreshadowing of the events to come? ...Jesus' atonement?)

These are some of the verses I read this morning: Genesis 22 (BIG emphasis on verse 14), Psalm 22:5, & Psalm 91 (another BIG emphasis on verse 4.)

For every heart wrenching step Abraham made towards Moriah, to do what God had commanded him to do, a ram was also taking a step, unseen & Unbeknownst to Abraham, but nonetheless the ram was walking alongside to step in at that pivotal moment to save Issac's life.

I believe as I take blind steps in my own faith, even when they are hard and darkened steps, there is also a ram of my own...following to protect me...leading towards the light!

God is already planning for our provision. I choose to trust God today. A ram is on the way.

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