The Firebird King (Psalm 91:4)

  • He covers me the Mighty Firebird. With His strong feathered crimson wings, He enthralls me wholly in evil cannot grasp me.
  • I find shelter in the ruby shadows of His feathery warm embrace. My heart becomes as one with His, in our longing sweet embrace.
  • His faithful promises are my armour & my protection. He's promised me so many things. Yet I, the undeserving daughter, am held by Him... amazed at His love for me.
  • Fire streaks across the sky, as I fly along, not alone, to shine the light.
  • I will not fear the terrors of the night, for I am wrapped up tight in His mighty wings.
  • Nor shall I fear the arrow that flies by day, trying to shoot me down out of the sky.
  • He's always flying alongside...the guard of my heart & soul...always at the ready.
  • The pestilence that stalks in darkness stands no chance against my King!
  • Bring me peace, oh Firebird King, embrace me always in the shelter of your wings!
  • Help me to see the light, in the dead of night. Be the one who holds me forever, rocking me gently into peaceful sleep.

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