Reflections From My Window

  • A lake of sullen tears. The choppy waves pulling me near. Shall I be swept away to a mountain creek or a mighty ocean? I sit and contemplate...thinking I think too much. And yet I continue to remain alone in this melancholy silence.
  • Trees are swaying in the wind and rain. Inside my emotions are swimming to be free. Bring me your peace dear Jesus, and my wounds, they will heal.
  • Remember me Jesus, will you? For I love you with all of my heart and soul! Don't ever let go!
  • The rain is falling ever so heavier, can I take this pounding? Life's pounding.
  • Dead are the leaves on the ground, and new are the leaves waiting to burst forth from the branches of the trees...yet they are lying dormant hidden within their shell...they'll come to grow well in the Spring.
  • Beauty is seen, and how to live life is found.
  • You are the voice I hear in the breeze, flowing through the trees.
  • You are not unseen My Lord, but seen through your natural beauty. And so I sit...I must let myself be.

    {For: Jared} I wrote this poem a while ago, but when I read your last e-mail I thought to myself I know exactly how he feels. And so I was reminded of this old poem...I dug it out of my old poetry notebook and thought I'd post it just for you!

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