In Memoriam-Travis Hames

"Those things that hurt, instruct." -Benjamin Franklin

One year ago today, Travis Hames, a young man from our old church congregation passed away in a car accident. I still don't understand why God let him die, he was such a sweet bright-blue-eyed young man who had so much more life to live. I was at work when I had found out that Travis had died, I so badly wanted to just sit down and melt into the floor into a puddle of my held back tears. I waited until I got home from work, and then the tears, and the words in my heart were borne.

To: Travis ~ From: Sarah
Lord, I don't know why you called him home.Why was it his time to die? We'll never again see his bright blue eyes, ever so only left pictured in our minds.

To leave ever drawing nearer friends. Leaving them
in anguish and despair. Let their hearts rest reassured in Your peace, that passes all our understanding.

Never will we understand...he was so young, yet more
life to live. He's in his father's hands now, that's all we needed to know. It must have been your will...

I only regret one thing, when I think of Travis Hames.
I'm sorry Lord, I never got past my fears and shy timidity. Talking to guys, in general, has never been really easy for me to do.

I could've just befriended him, it didn't have to be something
more. I'm sorry that I didn't know he's with You. I regret not seeking a I've lost my chance.

When I felt you Lord slightly strum on my heartstrings...
telling me that "He would make a great friend for you"I should've listened.

I could see his kind soul, it was You shining through! You
could tell just from standing in his presence that his heart belonged to You My King!

No more regrets...I'll listen to my heartstrings when You
strum from now on. I will run towards which friends you have placed in my mind and heart. I'll run towards what You My King are calling me to do.

I am not going to back down any more, paralyzed by
shy timidity that is not of You My King. No more letting potential friends slip away...there is no telling when you will call them home. No longer will I hold my heart strapped down within my chest.

No longer
will I stand frozen, in the midst of waiting...move me where you want to!

Lord, Jesus, thank you for your saving grace...because
of your atonement Travis Hames is home.

{Ecclesiastes 3:1-2, Philippians 4:7, & Psalm 61:2.
In Memoriam Travis Kent Hames 10-22-08}

"May the angels lead you into paradise." -Simon Birch

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