"Heartstring's Released"

  • I'm releasing the hold on my heartstrings...my guarded wall is beginning to fall down. I've got to put my heart out there on the line...I know I'll be fine. It will only happen in patient time.
  • I've held my heart too close to my chest for far too long. My heart has been on lock-down...and I never even realized the threat posed to myself.
  • My heart has been stifled, suffocated, and strapped down to my chest once upon a time. It was never at rest...never not guarded.
  • I'm insecure...wondering what I am going to be prepared for? Vulnerable. I'm awaiting the inevitable cracked open chest. I'm now willing again to let go...my heart's on a gambler's roll.
  • I'm a lady in waiting...only for you...a hopeful romantic am I. Let no other imposter steal my heart away. I can't bare to fall apart once again.
  • I'm patiently waiting. I don't want just any guy...the proverbial fling. I only need my Mr. Darcy...the real true thing.
  • "God help me traverse the waiting with patience...lead me to 'him' when we're ready!"
  • My heartstrings released...

~Psalm 37:4-6~

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