Anberlin, Autumn, And Awesome Boots! of my most cherished and beloved months that I enjoy! Momma and I have pulled out the fall decorations, the old quilts, and my tea pots. We have been indulging ourselves with the company of our few and dear kindred spirit's, as well as a hot cup of apple cider now and again. I simply love this time of month, for it's beauty and charm as well as the feeling of simplicity that follows me in the Autumn season.

I travelled to Grandfather Mountain this past Wednesday, along with my Momma, sister Mary, "Momma #2" Lynette and my "bubby" Henry. We had so much fun together hiking and viewing all that God's creative hands had created for us to see and to take in and appreciate. It was beauty in it's rarest, and finest (at least I think so) of forms. At over more than 5,000 feet above sea level up in the air, your mind journey's to somewhere else, and you yourself find that you are transformed in a sort of way that is indescribable! (I would post more pictures...but there are about 400+ of I won't be adding them!)

I've listened to all of my Anberlin cd's today. As I sat there and listened, I recounted numerous emotions I had felt and memories that were tied to certain songs around this time last year... some good and some not so good. Nonetheless I love the band seems I listen to them more in Autumn. I wonder why that is? Anyway...

Did I mention it is long sleeve shirt, sweater, hoodie, jeans, jacket, and boots weather? I am a freak when it comes to boots! I have six pairs of boots...and if I had more money, well, you can guess what I would be buying!!! :) My favorite pair of boots happen to be my Pesaro's that I have owned and loved now for over 5 years! They have seen me through many life experiences, as well as having walked on many a mountain top...they have carried my tired feet through many seasons, including the emotional and life changing ones.

The Mountains are so beautiful this time of year...they are even more vibrant in the month of November, however. I have already done quite a bit of "Mountain Meandering" in the last two months. I know that I will never be done with exploring the mountains in which I now live. God is one brilliant artist and I am a fan of his I will continually be keeping up with and viewing his live portfolio!

As I close out this random-autumnal-meandering-blog entry...I hope you will also take the time to come and visit me up here in my beautiful mountains! I am sure that my family and I would love to have you! (You might want to call first that I can polish my hiking boots, and plan to prepare a lovely meal for you whilst you are here visiting!)

Will you humor me and do me a favor? Go on outside...breathe in deep...yes my friend's that is the scent of colorful-autumnal-beauty! Enjoy it, and thank our King for it!

Have a happy Fall ya'll! (so cliched...hehe!)

P.S.- The picture above is titled "See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil" (My sister Mary, Myself and My brother Henry, sitting in front of Split Rock, in Grandfather Mountain.)


  1. I do love those boots you have on too! Tell me, what brand are they again? Love this pic of yall!

  2. They are PESARO...and the style is 118847 CLYDE


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