The Brother's Griffis & A Princess

Yesterday I babysat for a new family for the first time. The children were wonderful! I could not have asked for more well mannered, and more articulate intelligent children than they were! I just love kids they are so quirky, for instance Wyatt said "You know that we have a Brownie in our house?" I said "What?" Wyatt responded back as soon as I spoke "A Brownie is a little elf like creature...I leave him honey with crackers, and once there was a trail of crumbs leading up towards our wall. You know you should not say anything insulting about the Brownie, because then he will turn into a Boggart." I laughed, but Wyatt was indeed serious. If you know anything about mythological creatures I am sure you have heard of a Boggart, but a Brownie, now that creature I hadn't remembered ever hearing about...anyhow...

They do not watch tv...only movies...and they read voraciously which explains a lot. I really got a kick out of the youngest boy, Wyatt, who would ask me if for an instance if I liked Dragons and Knights etc. and I would respond "Well, yes. Wyatt I do...I have written stories myself on those two very things!" and then Wyatt would dissapear into the boys' room and return with a book on the very subject. This like and dislike quizzing game went on for about 15 minutes...turns out Wyatt and I have a lot in common. :)

There is something about working with children...I am telling you when I am working with children I know that is what I was meant to do. To work with and take care of such wonderful, respectful, intelligent and articulate children is such a joy to me!

Addy is the only girl, very quiet and loving towards her brothers. She is definitely like the sweet mother hen over her brothers when her mother is away. There is nothing sweeter than a little Addy...playing with her barbie dolls, holding them with such care and respect...combing their long locks of hair until smooth and soft. Addy is truly a beautiful daughter of the King...a real Princess.

Willie, is quiet and mysterious, yet a joker I believe, underneath it all. Willie shows such a strong care and compassion for his siblings, you can tell that he would do anything for them. His compassionate heart is so very precious!

Matthew, the oldest of four, is very quiet, strong, and caring, and is also very compassionate. Matthew likes to work with wood out in the back of the house in the woods, he is currently working on carving out a bow from large tree branches, and he has already made some arrows. A true craftsman is Matthew. Matthew must be where Willie, Addy and Wyatt have learned that exemplary example of caring, kindness and compassion. I have never seen such a mature young man as Matthew. I am sure the children's parents have had a lot to do with how the children behave too!

Their family is so closely bonded and knitted each one of their faces you get a glimpse of pure joy. Wyatt and Addy took me around their property, down by the creek and the was so beautiful. I gained pure joy in their joy, and in their freeness out in nature. I wish I had had my camera with me...I would have loved to have taken a picture of Wyatt, barefoot running alongside and through the stream with his two big black dogs.

People are where true beauty lies...because of their Creator's heart and is within them. I am so blessed to have gotten to know more wonderful children...who shape me as a young woman of God. I just thank you so much Lord for giving me another job right now!

You Know The Part In Fairy Tales,
God's Princess (Well that is what my name means after all!)


  1. What a beautiful way to end my evening! I loved reading.. and envisioned it all as I read it!

  2. Oh my, Sarah! What a beautiful post! I can't express how humbled I am. You're post here is a jewel of my motherhood. Thank you so much for your kindness. Your heart's beauty is so obvious to all of us here. Thanks for blessing us with your friendship.

    Sunny Griffis


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