Vivid Dreams

Weird title huh? Well...I thought my dream was a little too vivid and weird for me too last night. I woke up not too long ago...I got about 11 hours of sleep last night. Last night was the best I have slept in tossing and turning like a waking up 10 times for no apparent reason only to lay there wide awake in the darkness for hours on end. I had a total of four different dreams. I'll share only the one itself it is the longest I won't bore you with the others too.

Here I go...

"Vivid Dream:"
I am standing in a mountain valley with thousands and thousands of other people surrounding me, awaiting directions, as I was also. Someones loud voice booms out over the valley, although we cannot see him/her, and we all divide into different groups... somehow we just instinctively know which group is ours. Once I reach my group, which is marked by a black flag that waves on the wind I stand there looking around. I glimpse a young man (*Jared*) in front of me to my right walking up the last stretch of the hill, he's walking toward me with a smile on his face. Then another young man (he appears to be a doctor) comes up to me from behind me, turns me around, and throws his arms around my neck and continues to try and hold me while I turn my head and try to release myself from his grasp...all the while I am looking for the first young man.

The androgynous voice again calls to us all...divided amongst randomly colored, blue, green, red, yellow, and black we listen awaiting instructions intently. The voice directs us into rooms that are carved out from underneath the rock along the base of the mountain range. I begin to walk steadily forward. Scared and uncertain of what is about to begin...I had finally gotten out of the grasp of the young doctor. And the other young man made it into my color group, as well as the doctor too. We, and all the colored flags, all disappear into our labyrinth bunker/ hold/style rooms.

We begin to put our armor on in this cold labyrinth. Covered from head to toe in a dark iridescently black full body armor assemblage....I stand there still in fear. We are given guns...I strap them to my back...they click into place in their holsters and I feel the slight pressure of two hand guns strapped down at my hips. I begin to feel the haunting phantom, of sheer horror spreading across my face. My mind races as to wondering what will happen to us next. Will I make it out of here? Will the young man make it out of here, and what about the young doctor?

We are given instructions underground, in the metal enclosed, dank darkness, by a middle aged red headed woman with a strange foreign I cannot place. "This is the beginning of the war. You are to fight against the other colors...and then you will show yourselves" the strange woman says loudly for all of our color to hear. The woman with the accent picks a leader out of our group. He is very tall and handsome...and that is all I know of him to be....I cannot see his face clearly in the dark...only the handsome outline of his rugged face. The accented woman drapes a shawl/scarf-like thing over the chosen leader's is crimson red...the color of freshly spilt blood. I am frightened...of the unknown things that lie outside this labyrinth hold. Guns in both my hands I start walking, trying to get a glimpse of that familiar face from the hill. I walk toward the light.

A door to the right side of the labyrinth stone hold opens...and we begin to walk out into the tunnels. We are scared, not sure of how things are going to go down...scared that we will lose this fight...which we have no reason of knowing what it is even about. My team decides to stand strong...and not to shoot at anyone at all...not even once. Why are we supposed to kill the other "bad" colors I think to myself?

I do not remember much about what goes on outside once we get out of the doors of the labyrinth. Only that my particular colored team finally makes it to another underground bunker...after our chosen leader has fallen...many others are shot to smithereens by a machine gun. I couldn't save them, and so I ran. My fellow black colored troops drape our fallen comrades shawl over my shoulders and declare me the leader. Very few of us make it out alive...massacred by the other colors. I as the new leader lead my troops out of battle and even further underground to ride it out in the quiet still darkness. We can see the others' feet from where we hide, we can hear them talking...they are coming for us...or so we think.

Then that neither male nor female voice says "It is finished. Show Yourselves." I get to a large golden pyramid...somehow...with only about 25-30 of my black many have fallen. I don not know how I got to the pyramid from where we were it just sort of happened. "The Black", as we are now called, walks for about two miles deep down into this pyramid.

At the end of the golden bridge, down into the pyramid, a beautiful Egyptian woman/pharaoh-ess sits upon a throne. I see each of the colored leaders there all represented by someone, whether replaced with like I was or the original leaders of their colors. The team leader before me goes up to this Egyptian queen and she asks of him "What God do you stand here for?" "Bow down and make sacrifice to me." I did not hear the leader's response, but he proceeded to step forward and bow down then he "made sacrifice of his blood to her." I am called up next...and again she asks "What God do you stand here for?" I respond quickly, not willing to bow down to her, not even under the pain of death..."My God is the 'Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi'...Jesus Christus!"

And then I woke up from this very vivid weird imaginative dream. I didn't watch anything like this...ever...nor do I read about stuff like I dunno. It freaked me out...

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