Virago (10-26-09)

  • Becoming. What a strange word.
  • Bridgette. She is the inner dragon of my heart. You'd better watch out because she'll take you down mid flight. Now I've become her.
  • It's nearing midnight, and my writing seems absurd and askewed.
  • My mind is too strong, I can't fall asleep. It is only getting too persuasive saying 'stay awake!'
  • Awake...never again to dream?
  • This virago fights with her mind all of the time...until it finally caves.
  • I speak as though a clever shadow of the mind, like Gossamer, having an out of body experience.
  • Not so, say I. I'm only inspired.
  • This late twilight, a period of my mind's wild imaginative decline.
  • I speak as one, to make thee deaf.
  • I cannot control myself, the insomniac speaks in my head.
  • This virago's voice deep in my mind won't take a hint, she won't leave me alone. She is much too loquacious, even for her own good.
  • Her voice is like an amaranth...a flower never fading.
  • Will this silly verse be her penultimate?
  • G'night she finally states. This virago needs some rest. Now I lay me down to sleep, I say, as I finally lay down my head.

(I need some restful sleep!!! Virago means strong woman or a heroine in Latin. Bridgette...well that is a name that I have been dubbed with. She is my stronger half that isn't afraid to do ANYTHING!)

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