Duck Charming & Other Delights

To start this wonderful Saturday off us girl's went shopping. I went shopping yesterday with a few new girlfriend's, and I found a few shirts, but I still needed some shorts and another pair of we went shopping at Maurices. I found my shorts, and I had a 20% off discount I scored big time, and was able to get a 'decent' pair of shorts and some dark khaki/brown capris. 

-My new shorts and capris-
-Dianna & Momma-
Us girls worked on getting this ginormous tree trunk off of the lake shore line and pushed it out into the open water. We had so much fun moving this 20 foot plus tree off the shore together! I slipped in the water a little bit, got my sneakers wet, and Momma got soaked up to her waist.

-My cool sneakers-
-Me, Dianna & Momma-
-Sitting on the dock with doggie Nugget-
-My sister Mary & Nugget-

-Hello Mr. Ducky-
-Pretty iridescent feathers-
-Duck Charming-
-Nugget checks out Mr. Ducky-
Signing off for now...
-Daughter of the King


  1. Those shorts are really cute! I have a hard time finding cute shorts that are butt high! Lol! But luckily I have fairly short legs so I can usually find a few pairs each summer. Where is Maurice's? I've never heard of it.....glad you got some good deals and had a good day inspite of the overcast weather! Have a wonderful Easter tomorrow!!!

  2. Great pic of you Sarah by the LOVE sign. Your hair look so nice. I have only know you to have two hair styles (straight across bangs, and all basically one length) and now this.. and I must say it works well with you!

  3. Lyn- Thanks for the lovely compliments! I know I've never had a 'hairstyle' until now. I'm so glad I took the plunge and just went for it when getting it cut this time around.

    Alaythea- Maurices is a hip young clothing store, it's great really....I love it! The Maurices store is in the mall in Shelby. Happy Easter to you too girl!


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