This Neo-Victorian Loves: M-U-S-I-C

M-U-S-I-C.....but more specifically here are some albums I don't yet have that I want:

Jason Castro (self titled debut album)
I don't know what it is about his musically islander acoustic sound, and his raw indie voice that I love so very much, but I l-o-v-e him. I loved him when he was on American Idol, and I love him now. I have been awaiting the day that Jason Castro would FINALLY release an album of his own....and now he has!

Daughtry - "Leave This Town"
I am a big time Daughtry fan....never got around to buying their second album though because money has been tighter over this last past year. I am totally in love with the front man's, Chris Daughtry's, powerful rugged vocals, have been since his days on American Idol Season 5 and I still am to this very day. Plus a little factoid for Great Aunt Patricia was Chris Daughtry's teacher when he was in Elementary School. So yeah...I am separated by a few degrees from Daughtry....and isn't that cool?

Bandslam - Original Soundtrack

I do not know why the film 'Bandslam' captured my attention and my heart as it did, but it DID.  It' only natural that because I loved a film about being in a band that I would love their music. Not to mention, I used to be a die hard 'Aly & AJ' fan, and one of the Michalka sisters, Aly Michalka, is in the movie....maybe that's why I loved it!? Anyway I *heart* the soundtrack and will have it in my musical library, even if everyone else thinks it's crappy and that I'm a goof for listening to it....I will have it....eventually! lol

There are many other single songs that I hope to purchase on i-tunes as well, hopefully I can swing buying an i-tunes gift card with any b-day money I get. My music tastes are vast and very different, moving from one genre to another.....steadily back and forth and up and down, and why stick in one genre anyway...that would be no fun whatsoever! lol
-Daughter of the King
[P.S. I started writing this entry LATE last night at the request of my boyfriend so it is a bit scatterbrained. As I think of more music/albums I will surely add them, but this is all my tired mind came up with for the moment. Supposedly I am a hard girl to shop for as far as what to get me for a birthday gift is concerned. News to me because I thought I was the 'Queen of dropping well placed hints!' Oh well.....guess I am not enough of a hint dropper! So.....this post is kinda for you Jared, but it is as much for you as it is to 'show who I am' to my blog readers! :)  These are the types of things I like,  & love. I might post more for the rest of this week. More likely than not there will be an entry on books, movies, and girly things.]


  1. Lol! Guys seem to totally read over well placed hints! Haha! I've learned I just have to come right out and tell my husband this is what I want and this is where you can find it!!!

  2. I think I may steal this idea with your permission please! I have so much music I want right now! So much good stuff out there!


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