My date at the movies & Deep Roots with E.H.B.C.

I feel as if I haven't blogged in forever, even though it's only been a week. I was extremely busy last week what with a job interview, traveling to see my guy/going on a date with my guy to the movies, and then heading to the beach over the weekend to chaperone. *deep breathe.....ahhhhh* So let's back track a little about my week and weekend last week shall we.....

(Thursday:) I taught piano lessons as per usual. After teaching lessons I drove to where my boyfriend lives....over an hour away. I ate lunch with my boyfriend and then Jared took me out on a date to the movies to see 'Clash of the Titans.' I think Jared was way more impressed with the movie than I was. It was a good movie, however I probably wouldn't watch it again. I love ancient Greek and Roman mythology, so I was totally psyched to see the film, but for me acting wise the movie was lacking therein, but as far as the Kraken was concerned....well that made the movie, as well as the two 'mexican-comic-relief-characters' and them having made the Pegasus black instead of the usual Disney-as-per-usual-white with blue mohawk. For me what made going to the movies special was that I went with Jared, and got to have more time with him, just being near him and enjoying him enjoying things is enough for me! (Thanks for taking me out on a date love! I had a lot of fun!!!)

(Friday:) We left for the beach with the EHBC crew. It was a long ride. We got to the beach late that night, unpacked the church vans and loaded all of our stuff into our 'bunk-houses,' and then a few of us headed down to walk on the beach. I can now officially mark off one of my things to do before I die list. I got to walk with the man I love on the beach at night, bare foot, walking together on the sand, treading in the cool ocean waves, lit and covered underneath a canopy of stars. 

{Pastor Fisher}
{YP-Matt McCabe}
{Jared leading he and I in devotions.}

{The YP wife Anna telling the student leaders what we were gonna do!}

{Jared and the Mantis Shrimp that made his day....I admit the lil guy was uber cool!}
{Mister Mantis Shrimp}
{Me & Jaedon with Mister Portuguese Man O War}
{I wasn't afraid to stick my hand in with the horseshoe crabs, however had it been a tank of fish....NO WAY!}
{Jared & Jaedon checking out the shark}
{2 crazy chaperones and a normal dude in the middle.}

(Saturday:) We all got up and ate breakfast together in our kitchen, then we had our lesson together with Pastor Fisher. Pastor Fisher talked about the importance of 'spiritual milk/God's Word' in our it feeds us and grows within us deep roots. After the lessons with Pastor Fisher we then headed to the beach to have our devotion/prayer time. It was so nice to sit on the beach Bible in hand, and to be able to share my devotion time with my boyfriend on the beach. Jared lead he and I in our devotions on the beach...we read through Proverbs 22, 23 and 24 together. We played some games on the beach (which dealt with leaning on each other to try and figure out the task at hand), then we caught some lunch and had free time. During free time I did try to get in the ocean and stay in, but April means cold now I know not to get in in April! Saturday evening after dinner we headed to a shopping area.......and Jaedon, Jared and I broke off from the other groups and decided to go to Ripley's Aqaurium. I am scared to death of for me going into an aquarium....I am okay with some of it's aquatic critters and others give me the heebie jeebies! Jaedon seemed to enjoy going through the aquarium with us two chaperones, although he was very quiet, I did manage to get him to talk to me about his life a little bit. Out of the three of us I know for SURE that Jared Fisher had the time of his life in that aquarium! The look on Jared's face when he saw that the aquarium had Mantis Shrimps was a sight to behold. We all got back from our differing excursions together and we all headed up to the kitchen to hear the second message/lesson that day. Matt McCabe, the Youth Pastor, spoke on prayer and just how important it is in our spiritual walks to help cultivate the growth our deep roots in Him. After the lesson we all once again headed out to the beach, but this time we walked together in silence, so as to posture and prepare ourselves to be in a state of prayer and one on one time with God. This time on the beach Jared and I split up. I went and sat beach front near the shoreline, prayed about a lot of things that are going on in my life, and then I started to sing quietly to my King. Then I felt the tug on my heart, from God, that one of the girls in our group needed me to go sit beside her, talk to her, and ask her if she needed any prayer, if so I was going to pray with her. I went and dropped my beach bag down beside her on th darkening beach, and asked her how her time with the Lord had went...then I asked 'Can I pray for you?' Immediately she said 'YES.' I won't tell you what she and I prayed about that night....some things are left to the ears of the Lord only as they should be...not that her request was dire, but it was sincere and needed for her to grow deep roots that weekend. As I finished praying for her I looked up at her face (out of the corner of my eye I saw that she and I were the only ones left praying on the beach) and she had streams of tears flowing down her face as she said 'thank you.' I leaned in to hug her......I am so glad God speaks. After us girls were done praying together we had a little while before we had to be back in our rooms, and I had yet to go up on the pier to the pier is where we headed (Ashley, Jared and I together went and checked it out.)

(Sunday:) We ate breakfast, and then we had our last lesson time together in which Matt talked about being active in the body of Christ...that is also how we grow deep roots. Again we had our devotion/prayer time. We ate lunch, packed the vans, cleaned the rooms and then we were off to head back to EHBC. 

There's so many more things that are rambling through my head, but I don't want this to be the world's longest blog entry! Ooh, maybe if it was the world's longest blog entry I would rise to fame, seeing as I'd be named in the Guiness Book of World Records........*dreaming* lol......NAH! 

A few hours from now I will be headed to my first day of work at my new job! So for a while blog entries might become scarce, but I won't drop off the face of the world....promise!
-Daughter of the King

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