She's a working girl

(First Day of Work)
My first day of work went really well yesterday. There were a lot of details and protocol to commit to memory, but I think I am doing really well with figuring out the protocol and daily schedules for the preschool. Miss Danielle and Miss Suzanne trained me the first day......and they were such lovely sweet young women who were so gracious and patient with me while I was trying to figure things out. I love my new job.....and the kids are so much fun to work with! After work last night Momma met me in the driveway, and then momma took my sister and I out to celebrate my new job/first day at work. After dinner...I had to go buy scrubs.....the standard uniform for work. I am kinda digging the scrubs!

(New Scrubs - 2nd Day of Work)
Today at work I realized just how much I am in my element when I'm working with children. I l-o-v-e- the new job......yes, I know I already said that earlier. Today went great, and I  think I am getting the schedule and protocol down pat. I got soooo many hugs today, tied tons of shoelaces, and the kids really seemed to accept me as a 'newby teacher/worker.'
(Girl's Night & Mary Kay Night Combined)
After work today I came home, and got prepared for Girl's Night. Tonight we had girl's night, but with a twist because we had a Mary Kay party. SO MUCH FUN!!! PLUS I GOT LOTSA GOODIES!!! :-P

(My Mary Kay Haul....Thanks Momma & Ms. Sonya)

I had such a great day at work and with friends.....can't wait until tomorrow!
-Daughter of the King

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