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I have been in the process of ooh-ing and ah-ing over the Barberry & Lace shoppe on Etsy for well over a week now. I need help bloggers! I think I may have a problem with looking at, and with day-dreaming about owning, every piece in this Etsy store. For real. I love how very vintage-esque, antiquated and neo-victorian all of the items of jewelry look in Leigh's shoppe!

Alas, I do not have enough money to even consider buying a bunch of the loveliest and prettiest items of jewelry from Barberry & Lace, but you might say that I've been find and make pieces of jewelry that are just as lovely and have a similar vibe to the B&L pieces that I fell in love with in the first place.

Below are the pieces that I am IN LOVE WITH currently from the Barberry & Lace Shoppe on Etsy:

the merlot rose ring

I have a similar ring to this one already, but it is a coral-pinkish color instead, and I 'heart' it!

the rhinestone crown necklace

It's a Daughter of the King crown!! ;-)

the pink mallory headband

Okay, so apparently headbands are really "In" right now, and I am just dying to get my hands on one of these baby's!

the wishing tree necklace

I love the tree, and the pearl ornamentation.
*this is like one i'll see*

the drink me necklace

Alice In Wonderland is amazing. The books. The Tim Burton movie. Alice In Wonderland is everything Fantasy and Victorian and London and Child-like and I BIG TIME "Heart-it!!"

the mezzo piano necklace

This is so cool. It is like a piece of jewelry specifically for us pianists out there and it is so darn cute. "Mezzo Piano" means moderately soft  in Italian (which is what most piano terms are written in.)

the alice pocket watch necklace

Again, Alice In Wonderland inspired ::long sigh::  I must say that this piece (no matter the cost) will indeed be worn around my lovely pale neck some time in the near future. I am dying to get this necklace...and *wink wink* my birthday is May 11th! =)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Like I said earlier in this post I have been drooling and inspired over lovely jewelry things as of late; a lovely beastie on the prowl for new accessories to perk me up a bit if you will. Oh, how I've been perked up my dears! I managed to dream about  Barberry & Lace all day long Saturday and then when my sister and momma and I were perusing through Walmart this past Sunday I found what I had been in want of...

First I found this antique-esque-key-charm-pearl-rose pendant for $3.

Then I found this pendant (very similar to 'the wishing tree necklace' from B&L), also for $3.

I also managed to find this lovely little bird cage/birdie necklace and earrings set for $3. I am really into birds right now...for whatever reason....they are just so cute!

After I found the two pendants and the cutsie-pie bird jewelry set my momma found this necklace and bracelet chain set on sale for $7. I was so excited that momma found these because now I have a sturdy and pretty chain to place my pendants on to make two uber awesome necklaces!

Okay, so is it weird that I am in love with this box that my bracelet and necklace chains came in? Just so ya'll know......I am totally keeping the box!

After a long Sunday afternoon spent browsing around for deals at Walmart (and I mean deals) with my momma and sister....and then after going to see the movie 'The Rite' at the movie theatre with the family we drove back towards Home, but first we stopped in to spend a little time with my grandparents who just so happen to live next door up the hill from my house. After we spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa we decided to head back Home, but before I walked out of the door Grandma asked me to follow her to her bedroom, and then she said she had a little something for me. 

What she had for me was a lovely engraved (the back is engraved with the phrase live in sunshine) rose necklace (pictured above) from Fossil (one of the coolest and my personal fave brand name ever!) Grandma said that she thought the necklace looked like me, and that it was for a belated Valentine's Day gift. Boy was my day made. I had been drooling over necklaces all weekend long and then I was extremely blessed with a deal-full-of-retail-therapy and an extremely lovely and thoughtful gift. (Thanks Momma and Grandma.)

I'd say this weekend was pretty good. I managed to get 4 necklaces and 1 pair of earrings for $16. I had a good time with my family (I'm soooo loved *eep*) and we saw a really thought provoking and heart stirring movie that made for a great family conversation later.

On another note, I think I might just use the word lovely too much. What do you think?


  1. Oh I love all your jewelry finds! I have that same Bird-N-Cage necklace and earring set. And that tree pendant is lovely! I'm totally obsessed with owl jewelry right now - I've got quite the little collection going on. I need to take pictures of it all and do a post on it!

  2. I can't wait to see your jewelry post, Alaythea!

  3. Oh, Sarah... you sound JUST like me! I've been a very frequent visitor to Barberry and Lace recently too. I just LOVE Leigh's jewelry. I actually ordered two little bird necklaces from her, and they came in the mail today. They are sooo cute!! I'm going to give one to a friend for her birthday, and the other one just might be given away on my blog (if I can bear to part with it, that is ;) ). So yeah... B&L is just wonderful! :)

  4. I also wish I could own everything in the Barberry and Lace Esty shop...but unfortunately I am a poor college student. If I could find something similar to the pocket watch necklace I would be a very happy girl :)

  5. yea i remember seeing those at walmart, but they werent that cheap! awesome how you got them for like 3 bucks! makes you feel so good when you stike a bargain like that....just makes your day. :)

  6. {Lindsay} I think I'd have a hard time parting with ANYTHING from B&L! =)

    {Tiffany}There are a lot of other pocket watch necklaces (that look similar even) on Etsy that are a third of the price of the one I instantly loved from B&L. I could send the links to you...or do another post on the comparable finds if you'd like to see them too...?

    I'd suggest you keep checking back at Walmart. I think the reason I found them so cheap was because they are getting ready to turn over their merchandise for the new Spring/Summer merch so I found last years/last seasons stuff and got it at the red-tag price which was a sheer thrill! Yes, it did just make my WEEK.

  7. These are all awesome jewelry pieces! I'm such a sucker for jewelry. haha!
    Where do you actually find your jewelry? Did you find your pieces from Etsy also?

  8. I got my jewelry pieces from Walmart, and the rose necklace (from Fossil) was a gift from my grandmother.


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