i'm not dead, i'm a sickie

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Sorry, I've been absent from Blogger for so long. I do, in all defense, possess a legitimate excuse as to my departure from said blogdom though. I've been battling up against the Flu bug, that's right my dears it's influenza that has it's hold on me, and so far we are at a stalemate folks. Currently I am lying in bed, covered by 3 blankets, unable to sleep since around 3 am or so. I need sleep, but I cannot get comfortable enough to sleep. Luckily I managed to sleep for an hour or two last night before the hoot-owl syndrome began to kick in. That said I've been up surfing the internet because of said lack of sleep. ::insert loud cough and spoken urgh simultaneously:: I'm tired and run down...just wanting a few more hours of sleep. You know it's bad my friends when you take two doses of NyQuil and it still doesn't help you feel better or knock you out (which was my devised plan.)


I desperately wanted to do a post on worrying this week, but that kind of got scrapped because my mind has been so overrun with *duuuuhhhhh* moments since I've been sick...and honestly I was worried (kind of defeats a post about battling worrying doesn't it? lol) about me trying to write the post which I had in my mind, and probably the chance of me writing it out wrong because of my currently cloudy-french-fried-brain (I say "French" because I could SO use some curly fries slathered in "God's Sauce" from Arby's right about now!) Anyways, all that said I should be back on Blogger as soon as I come up with some brilliant post to write that is not induced by my flu-bug-fried (yes, dear blogger's there is such a thing!) thoughts.

Since I've been so out of the loop.....how have you blogger lovelies been doing? Any news?


  1. Get well soon, girlie! I know the flu has been going around and I'm hoping and praying (and begging God!) that we don't get it - that is so not what we need right now. I'm making progress with Bella's Lullaby, still not "there" yet but compared to where I was a day or so ago I'm pretty proud! Lol!!! But seriously, I hope this passes soon and you are back to your happy, well self!

  2. aw. :( im sorry. it sounds like you are MISERABLE! i hope you get better really really really really soon.

    i did laugh at that "DUUUUUHHHH momments" part. cause i totally know what you mean!

  3. I hope you get well soon Sarah. :( I know that I am miserable when I am sick for the same sleep depriving reasons!

    Your Friend ;o]

  4. Thanks, everyone! And thank you to my two new followers!! I <3 you guys!!! =)


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