Keira & Emmy inspired new hairstyle

{Keira Knightley}

{Emmy Rossum}

I have been sooo busy lately, and quite honestly I've been neglecting my hair for far too long. So this morning I woke up determined to get my hair cut and styled. This time I wanted to get my hair done in such a way that it embraced my wavy hair. On a completely random note, did I mention that I think Keira Knightley and Emmy Rossum are smashingly brilliantly beautifully fab actresses and I admire their beauty and acting skills extremely much so? Hmmm. I thought not. *insert silly smile*

Okay, so today since I wanted to get my hair done so badly I facebooked about and texted a friend who's hair always looks fab (Brittany L.) and asked her where she got her hair done at. I got my answer of where and who to go to from Brittany, and then I found a phone number, called and made an appointment for 1:15-ish. I was beyond excited that I found someone to cut my hair at the last minute, and on a Saturday too. 

My younger sister Mary went along with me to go get my hair was a lot of fun gabbing (what with my voice sounding like a dying frog) and listening to Paper Tongues, Thrice and Nic Chagall in the car on the way to go get my new hairstyle as I sipped my Diet Dr. Pepper and sped along the mountain hills with my sissy by my side. 

We got to the salon a little early so the stylist said I could have a seat and browse through some mags while I waited for her to finish up with another client, and so I did. Earlier this week I had researched 'long brunette layers with sidebangs' on Google Images and came up with pics of Keira Knightley and Emmy Rossum {both extremely beautiful and fab actresses by the way!!}So, I was super stoked because the first mag I opened up had that exact pic that I really loved{up above}of Keira Knightley that I saw on Google Images before, and I was itching to show it to the hairstylist to see if she thought that that style would work for me.

 So I showed the pic of Keira to the stylist, and then my hair started to fly. Tonya, the fab hairstylist, did a wonderful job cutting and styling my hair exactly the way I wanted her to! I really enjoyed getting my hair cut by her. I even learned quite a few things from her too, like what products to use on my hair. I really enjoyed talking with her too. I will definitely be going back to her again, that is for sure!

Below is a pic of what my hair looked like this morning and then one of what my hair looked like this afternoon:

After I got my hair cut my sister and I headed over to the Sally's Beauty Supply store to pick up some goods, and then we managed to stumble into the Burke's, and then on into Cato as well where we ran into one of my lovely co-workers, Lindsay L. It was nice getting to see one of my fellow teachers outside of work and just chat it up about work and then anything and everything but work. I found the cutest Spring-y length denim skirt for just $10 at in other words I splurged on myself today with a haircut, new hair products and a new denim skirt!

After buying goods at Sally's, perusing through Burke's and then bumping into Lindsay and the denim skirt that was on sale at Cato's Mary and I headed to our (almost final) last stop, Wal-Mart. Mary and I got the few last things we needed from Wally-World and then I stopped for gas on the way Home. 

Of course since my sister and I were feeling girly and extra pretty today we decided to 'make-me-up' in different outfits and jewelry and go outside and do a mini photo shoot of me and my new hairdo. It was a lot of fun, and you all can thank my absolutely positively wonderfully fab little sister Mary for taking the pictures of me that follow..... 

....and you'll have to wait to see the rest of my little photo shoot later on on my photography blog! I know, I know. I'm a complete and utterly horrible tease. I will however post them up on my photography blog soon though, okay? I promise. =)

I hope ya'll had a terrifical and very fab Saturday, and that you will have a super-blessed Sunday!


  1. LOVE your new haircut, Sarah!!! It looks sooo good on you! Sounds like you had a super fun day. :)


  2. your hair looks super cute! love the photos!

  3. Hey girl!

    So beautiful :) Love the new look!

    PS: Who did your new blog look?

  4. {Everyone} Thanks so much for the sweet comments!

    {Raquel} I actually designed and installed it on a spur of the moment whim last night myself! =)

  5. oh wow, it looks great on you. now it makes me want to go cut my hair! u look fab! :)

  6. Your new haircut is beautiful!!! I have wavy I'm inspired. Hee hee. Love the pictures, too!

  7. Wow, I love your new haircut!!! It looks really good on you!

  8. {Ashley} Go CUT YOUR HAIR!! and then POST PICS!! PLEASE. :)

    {Heather} Thank you. You have lovely wavy hair! ;)

    {Mylena} Thanks dear!

  9. Beautiful pictures! Congratulations to both model and photographer. I love Keira and Emmy, too! I could watch the "Pirates" movies and "Phantom of the Opera" over and over and over again :)

  10. {Abby} Oh, how sweet of you for stopping by! Thanks much!! I could watch the "Pirates" movies over and over again too, and "The Phantom of the Opera" is my favorite movie.

  11. your hair looks fantastic!! I really love it and think it looks beautiful on you. :)


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