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I am so sorry that I've been absent so much lately. I really am such a horrible blogger at the moment. I thought I was getting better (from this icky flu that has it's death grip on me) yesterday, but alas I am doing worse today than I was yesterday. I had even planned to go into work today, and well my body decided that that was just not gonna happen. I am so thankful that my boss told me to stay home (again!!) from work today.

Now I am just trying to ride this nasty bug out, but it is becoming harder to deal with being this sick with each passing day. This extremely yucky bug has come with the worst headaches I've ever had, chills, fever of over 101, certain tummy issues and the worst body aches imaginable! I've never felt this yucky in all my life! I've already sat down and burst into tears a few times while feeling just completely hopeless about this all...and oh, then I spilled soup all down my pajama bottoms and all over the floor because I was too weak to make it from near the microwave to the counter with a bowl of Chicken and Stars in my hands the other day. I mean how pitiful is that? Unfortunately this isn't just the regular flu bug, this little beaut has decided to merge itself with the stomach flu at the exact same time, we'll call it "The Chimeric Influenza" for all intensive purposes.

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I've managed to keep myself sane today by watching tons of  tv shows on the Instant Netflix while sipping down tons of Fruit Punch Gatorade. So far I've watched around 5 episodes of "Bizarre Foods", one episode of "Shark Week",  two episodes of "Bones" and I'll probably end up watching "Charlie St. Cloud" this evening with my momma and sister. Not sure how that movie is gonna be yet...

Sad to say this is all I can think to post about right now! My brain feels as if it's been fried, battered and placed in a bowl for Andrew Zimmern to eat and then tell us all about it's gelatinousness and flavors. lol  I dunno why I just went 'there', but I guess my brain must really be fried because I just did! =P

I did add a photo to my photography blog, just in case you wanted to know. If you haven't visited my photography blog before please do! You can find my photography blog button on my it and it'll lead you there my dears!

Also, a great BIG thanks to Miss Raquel for posting her interview that she did of me up on her blog God's Daughter, and to all of my 67 new blog followers! You all are AWESOME!! I promise that as soon as I am back in good health I'll be posting again about the random inspiration that I glimpse within my life once again! =)

Ready to knock the socks off of this icky chimeric influenza monster,


  1. Poor you! I only remember having the "flu" once and it knocked me out for like 3 days. I thought I was going to die, I have never felt that sick in my whole life! Charlie St.Cloud is so-so. D and I watched it. Not bad but not great either. Zach Effron is fun to look at though! Haha!!! And I think it's quite nice that you've taken the time out of being sick to actually post, what, twice already?!!! That's dedication, woman!

  2. u knock those socks off sarah! show that dumb bug who is boss!

  3. Get well soon!! I'm praying for you. :)

  4. oh dear, I can't imagine watching Bizarre Foods while having the flu... hahaha. Hope you feel better soon!


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