On Packing , Road Trip Necessities And Discography

heya folks! i am headed off to the other side of the very beautiful state in which i live, to go stay with my love and his family for four-point-five days. so, i thought i'd share with ya'll about some of my more silly road trip preparations. ready, or not ready, to hear 'em?

{ on Packing }
and why i hate it

i hate packing. i really do. and i'm pretty darn sure that i've written about this very fact on more than one occasion on this very blog of mine. however, as much as i hate packing, i also *love* being overly prepared, which results in three vedy vedy crazy things...

1 ) i pack anywhere from 2-7 days in advance for most trips

) i pack excessive amounts of clothing that i usually end up not even wearing

( 3 ) when i'm done packing a suitcase you're really gonna need a fork-lift!!!

honestly, i live up to the H family motto which is "toujour pret." see translation: always ready

so, maybe i over-prepare a little bit too much. maybe packing stresses me out because i feel as if i must take the entirety of my closet, and my world with me for some reason? i dunno. me and packing? yes, it'a major love-hate relationship, and this fickle gal will admit it! but wouldn't you rather have too many suitcases to carry than to forego bringing *more* and end up having to go re-buy things that you might just need after all at the local shopping establishments because you forgot to bring *everything*? or let's say that the weather doesn't align with those stylin' pair of capris you brought along... uh huh? yeah, you know you are going to need to bring tank tops and cardigans and hoodies. and, oh! you'll be needing a skirt and a good pair of jeans and capris too, because preparedness is next to sarah elizabeth-ness.

clearly i'm insane.  scratch that.

yes, it's true... i obsess over packing. i obsess over what are essentials, and over what are sarah-elizabeth-essentials, and i argue with myself over these things incessantly. call it a silly little *packing* quirk if you want to. because i'm pretty sure "overly-quirky" is my middle name. laugh at me even, if you dare, but know this... when i go on a trip, i may just get a hernia, or two or three, or even pull my shoulders out of their sockets, from the weight of over-excessive amounts of  the *shtuff* i bring with me, but i'll always be the one living up to my family's motto and sleeping soundly because i didn't have to go to wal-mart.

yup. always at the ready.

pea ess, 
i do love singing while packing though. yes, singing is about the only thing that makes gathering *everything* for any trip a bearable feat.

/ / /

The Bare } Necessities
for driving purposes of course

monster khaos // because everyone needs a little energy boost, especially when you are driving for 5 hours straight for the first time in your twenty-something existence!

a GPS // because i get really lost without it, and only kind of lost on occasion with it.

my owl tumbler // because who doesn't love cute birdy things that hold aqua, right? Right!

tons of CD's // because this girl *has* to sing at the top of her lungs when she's in the car every.single.minute. spent driving.

chewing gum // preferably cinnamon or sweet mint. because this mountain-girl's ears pop like crazy when she goes back down to the flat-lands.

/ / /

{ my road trip Discography }

left & right & up & down

dark is the way, light is a place *anberlin* // the phantom of the opera // vice verses *switchfoot* // 21 *adele* 
// ceremonials *florence + the machine* // (500) days of summer // absolution *muse* // cities *anberlin*

et. al.

/ / /

{ my on-the-go Bookstack }
for this go-around at least

everything by mary demuth // guardian by heather burch // one thousand gifts by ann voskamp

/ / /

and, because i'm curious by nature...
what sort of clothes and music and books do you like to take on your roadtrips? do you have any silly road trip or packing quirks that you'd love to divulge?

ahem, i look forward to reading your crazy comments later! but for now, well, for now i'll leave you with this rather random post to ponder. by the time you find yourself reading this very post i will be hitting the road, khaos in hand and lungs ready to belt out some serious tunes! 

au revoir, restless ones! wish me luck!
 xoxo, sarah elizabeth 
a.k.a. the "restless packer/road traveller"


  1. SO! I feel like I just caught up with you even though I've been talking with ya all day! How weird is that! Alas, what mid-terms does to this girl's blog-hopping schedule.

    Anywayyyyyys, your first long road-trip! Eeek! So cool that just last month (oh, no, now I guess it's two months since we had our book-hunter's weekend) I came to see you for MY first twenty-yo road trip. (Saw my mom's note to you via FB, btw. Isn't my mom the bomb?)

    So glad to hear you made it safe and sound and sweet and survived. I laugh that I'm a lot like you in that I pack so much stuff I don't need (even when I went to Costa Rica and tried real hard not to ~ go figure) and SING in the car the whole time. It's great. :)

    Love you, Restless Bird,

  2. I don't mind the packing part...but I cannot stand the UNPACKING. ARGH.

    Love your music choices! And that book "Guardian" look so good!

  3. I seriously LOVED this post. You're the cutest thing ever (I mean that in a good way ;)
    But I know what you mean, I absolutely HATE packing. Annnnd I never know if I should pack light or if I should really make sure I have everything. I go back and forth. Its always a toss up. Its hard though sometimes.
    I just try to plan outfits and then add a few extras just in case :) Ok, maybe I overpack. haha.
    I loved your list though... and all the "confessions" haha

  4. omg what a nice post! Lovely blog too <3<3<3
    Im following you now :) Mind to follow back? Kisses :*


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