road trip happenings + visit with my love // a story in recapitulation

this is me and my handsome-love
{ Part One }

>> friday <<
>> the adventurous road trip happenings <<

road trips are fun when you have tunes to entertain you, though the minutes seem to slowly roll by when you are in desperate want of seeing your someone special already!

road trips are fun...until the city-born-now-mountain-country girl drives into the busy metro cities.

ahem, standstill big city traffic in no fun. but at least i didn't have to go pee and i had a full tank of gas. there's always a bright side to things, right? ;)

thirty minutes later, said standstill traffic starts getting to me. and now i am peeved *and* i have to pee.

traffic starts to move again, inch by literal inch, but no one will let me get over into the right hand lane (probably due to the fact that i proudly sport a certain *political candidate* on my back windshield) where i need to be. ugh, is right.

i finally make it to my first leg of my two leg drive. i get to eat a taco dinner with my grandparents and then drive onward to Jared after stopping for gas.

i arrive unscathed, yet super tired, after the long *somewhat hectic* drive. i then calmly melt into my man's arms.

/ / /

{ Part Two }

>> the restful visit with my love <<

>> saturday <<

quiznos + american eagle + barnes & noble + shopping in raleigh + watched the island and the angels take manhattan 
(Doctor Who episode)

>> sunday <<

church + lord of the rings + afternoon nap + church again + watched taken

>> monday <<

lunch at arby's + convos about faith, love and politics + browsing in hobby lobby + fall clothes shopping at target + wal-mart movie run + random stop for mechanical pencils at office max (stayed for 45 min due to ensuing monsoon outside) + watched the avengers, jumperpush

>> tuesday <<

smithfield's/wendy's for lunch + target again, to buy a jacket + got a call about Jared getting *the job* + date night: pizza hut and went to go see frankenweenie in 3d + watched the iron giant 

>> wednesday <<

my love checked my car + packed it all up + kisses and hugs goodbye + slammed a monster khaos + four hours driving + singing at the top of my lungs to TFK "old-school" rap songs in a british accent all. the. way. home.

le sigh.


>> best time of my life <<


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip. Great post! :D

    1. Oh, it surely was! I love getting to geek out with my guy over movies and books and such. =D

  2. so cute! i love road trips ♥


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