September in Retrospect // Hello, Beautiful October

September came out of nowhere, and that's pretty much how I felt throughout most of the entire month, like I was suspended in a dream or something, never fully able to grasp a hold of things.

The Good:

I joined The Book Club with Annie + Margaret and started reading through One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. 

Note: giving thanks every day does really bring great joy, but changing your perspectives around every single day is a little bit tougher.

We celebrated my little sister's 18th birthday last week. 
Note: I feel really old now.

Jared came to visit my family and I for a three day stay. We had a date day up in Asheville that consisted of Olive Garden, random bookstore visits and surprising J's grandparents.
Note: It's days like those three in a row that make all the other dull ones manageable.

I joined the Go Teen Writers 100 for 100 Challenge
Note: we write 100 words for 100 days, so far my current WIP has a hunk of new words written already!

Snow White & The Huntsman was finally released on DVD/Blu-Ray.
Note: I bought a copy AND I loooove my copy!

finally finished reading through Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.
Note: I really disliked this book! Ahem, that is all.

The Bad & The Ugly:

My boyfriend moved back in with his parents towards the last week in August. 
Note: his parents live about 4.5 ish hours away from me and I am still adjusting to not being within an hour of my guy.

My momma has been having chest pains...went to a couple of different doc's and they told her to go to the ER.
Note: This totally stressed me out! Luckily, it wasn't a heart attack though, but rather some seriously pulled muscles and her asthma acting up again.

I've been feeling not-so-hot for the last couple of days. 
Note: sore throats and an ear aches are the worst. 

So, you see? September was pretty good after all. Life always comes with its ups and downs. But I gained much laughter and love and new perspectives on life along the way, and for that alone I wouldn't change a thing.

October has always been one of my favorite months. Lots of magical-like things always seem to happen in October. Like, for instance, where I live at, the stars always seem to shine deeper and sparkle brighter during the month of October. October is also the next month in which I got to see Jared after four months of only sending and receiving e-mails back and forth from one another. Jared came to visit me in person on Halloween 2009, and well he's been around ever since. I guess I didn't scare him? And October is also the most perfect month for taking long walks or hikes, buying new sweaters, digging boots out from the backs of closets, crafting s'mores by the fire and sipping Lake Lure's spiced apple cider. 

I am joining a Creative Group, that will hopefully meet up a couple of times a month to. We'll be studying/discussing/doing things like Zentangles, writing, photography, etc. The group is being started up and headed by a lovely woman, named Ruth, who came strolling into the bookstore a couple of weeks ago with her best friend, Victoria. God couldn't have had me meet up with Ruth and Victoria at a better time! I am really looking forward to growing in Christ and stretching my Artistic Muscles with these ladies!

This Friday I will be traveling to stay with Jared and his family for a couple of days. I am really looking forward to spending time with my guy and his family!! But, I will admit, that I am a little nervous about driving for 5 straight hours, as I've never driven more than 2 hours anywhere, alone, before. This should be an interesting, yet rewarding trip, I think. Prayers for safe travel would be very much so appreciated! *wink*

/ / /

I am really looking forward to this month already! So, what did September bring you with its end? New perspectives? Good times? Not so good times? I'd love to hear about it! What are YOU most looking forward to in October?


  1. Yay fun, I'm glad you get to spend time with Jared and his fam for a while. I'll definitely be praying you have safe travels!
    Ah, Snow White and the Huntsman! I haven't seen that one yet, but I really want to. (Big Chris Hemsworth fan here! Personally, I think the movie should be entitled "The Huntsman and Snow White", but that's just me...;))
    Mockingjay. Yes. I disliked it as well. Kind of big disappointment to the series, in my opinion! :P

    So, I'm excited for October, too. (I seriously just typed "September" instead of "October". It's all going by so fast. But I'm not really complaining...just thought that was funny. ha!) Each month brings new beauty. These are happy days. :)
    Have a fantastic week, Sarah!

    1. Ooh, yes me too! I cannot wait to spend a few days with my guy and his fam! And THANK YOU for those prayers!!

      Yes, I LOOOOOVE The Huntsman! =)

      Hope you have a great week too, Miss Maria! <3

  2. Thank you much for those prayers of your, Sierra!

    On the subject of the 100 for 100 Challenge: Hasn't it though!? I've gotten a lot more written during this challenge than I probably would have otherwise...although, I've not been blogging as much because of it! ;)

    Ooh, I love festivals and birthday festivities! Sounds fun! What book are you reading under blankets recently? ;)


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