March Date: Jared & Sarah

For those of you who are new followers to the nest I'd thought I might catch you up a little bit on my guy and I . . .

Unlike many other dating couples, Jared and I only have a date once a month. And we only get to see each other a handful of days per month at that (at least, this has been the case for nearly the last 6 months or so.) "But why!?" you might well ask. Well, long story short . . . Jared and I have always been a long distance couple. We met while chaperoning at a Christian Camp in the WNC mountains . . .  and then we e-mailed each other for 4 months and - BOOM! instant couple- have now been together for 3+ years. 

If you'd like you can click HERE and HERE to read more of our love story. 

During the getting-to-know-you phase of our relationship Jared lived about an hour and a half away from me. Then his family was called into a different direction (you should know that Jared's father is a Baptist Pastor) and the family moved right around Valentine's Day in 2011. I still remember crying my eyes out all the way home after I had to say "goodbye for now" to my love in the parking lot of a Wendy's. By this time Jared was now 4.5 hours away from me. Enter a rough patch for Sarah and Jared. We knew something had to change, as neither he or I were strong enough at the time to be apart from each other. So . . . Jared packed up his things and moved to WNC where his grandparents reside. Now, at this point in time Jared was about 1 hour away from me. During this transition period Jared made himself as comfortable as possible. He lived with his grandparents, went to college there, worked delivering water bottles around WNC and found a Church Home. And that lasted for quite some time . . . and our relationship thrived and bloomed, and yes, went through a couple of rough patches, as one might expect. 

Phew! So . . . After all of this God decided to throw Jared and I a monkey-wrench some divine providence and He moved Jared yet again, to the other side of the state, where Jared has found full time employment (Mr. Edwards you are a God-send!) with a wonderful company, he attends Church where his father presides over the congregation as Pastor, and he has become a new stronger-than-ever man.  I am so proud of Jared . . . all of the times he's been moved around and has *still* been faithful to see God's mighty hand at work through it all every day. My guy is totally a keeper!

All of this brings us both to right now. Jared and I are separated by 230 miles and 4.5 hours of travel, on completely opposite ends of our glorious state at this very moment. But we are in love now more than ever. It's crazy how my love for Jared only grows deeper day by day. Currently Jared works for a wonderful company full time and gets every weekend and holiday off. I work for a local Christian Bookstore, mostly nights, and work nearly every holiday and weekend. Yes, It's been a trial to walk through all of this over the last 3 years, but it's so worth it just knowing that Jared and I are indeed working towards building a life together; a marriage together, some time this very year in fact. I can still see that God is mightily at work. We both see that, even on those days when we both feel lonely apart from one another. 

So . . . Now that everyone is caught up, mind letting me tell you a bit about our March Date?

// 2.28.13 // 

I jump in my car, water bottle and iPod at the ready around 11am and prepare to make my way from WNC to ENC. The drive across the state to see my guy always *nearly* kills me, as it seems to take to get there. Ahem . . . I arrived at Jared's family's home around 3:30ish. Then I had to wait (anxiously!) for my guy to get home from work. That night Jared, Seth (his younger brother) and I all piled in the car and headed to Arby's for dinner. We goofed off, ate loads and then returned home, where Seth proceeded to watch not one, but two basketball games on tv,while Jared and I resigned to just chit chatting and looking through old photos of us on FB together.

// 3.1.13. //
Seth had school, Tricia (J's momma) had work, Robin (J's dad) is in India on a missions trip and Jared has to go into work. So, that leaves me with catching up on e-mail at home, reading and taking the longest hot shower ever. Then I get a text message from J saying that he might be getting home from work early! *squeal* So what do I do? Dun dun duhn. I wait. It's painfully boring due to being at home all by my lonesome . . . and then J calls me and says he's on his way home. Woot! As soon as J got home we raided the freezer and cabinets for lunch. I settled on Totino's Pizza Rolls and a Diet Green Tea. Healthy. I know. And then J and I snuggled up on the couch and watch The Lion King 1 1/2, which was hi.lar.i.ous by the way. After we nommed and laughed our hineys off J and I decided to head to Target (since that was where I was gonna go before he sent the "Could you hold off on leaving just yet. I might be off of work early today" text), Hobby Lobby, Lifeway (I'm such a rebel, what with visiting my competition) and Wal-Mart (won't go to that WM ever again!) After we got out of WM both J and I realized that we were exhausted and introvertedly drained, so we decided to pick up Chick Fil A and head back home, where we nommed again while watching LOTR: The Return of the King on BluRay. 

// 3.2.13. // 
J and I got up, got ready and Googled the address for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and Nature Research Center (which is a newly opened wing of the museum.) Before we left town for the museum though we stopped and got Arby's for an early lunch (yes, again) and had to make a pit stop at the Gas Station. After lunch and the fill up it was smooth sailing on the way to the museum. Once we finally got to the museum J bought 2 tickets for us to go into the Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition which was phenomenal, lemme tell ya! They had the bell that was rung on the ship as soon as the ship struck the iceberg, you could touch the *actual* hull of the ship and they had the steering wheel column there too, among many other cool artifacts and photographs and quotes splashed upon the exhibit walls. 

I thought the fact that they gave J and I both a Titanic boarding pass with a real-life passenger's name and info on it to be one of the most interesting parts of the exhibit. Jared *somehow* managed to acquire the boarding pass of the *only* man of color aboard the RMS Titanic. Crazy, right? Yup, my guy's unique alright! Haha! And I managed to get a young 18 year old Irish woman's boarding pass, named Miss Hanora Hegarty. Apparently she was in 3rd class, and on her way to America to join an order of nuns; she was accompanied by her cousin, Mr. Jeremiah Burke. 

After we perused the rest of the museum's many wings, including the new Nature Research Center, we decided it was time to head on back home. Once we got home we ate dinner, and then J and I watched the entirety of Season One of The Walking Dead. Because Zombies are cool.

Now J and I are both *minorly* obsessed with the show.

// 3.3.13. //
Sunday morning we got up, ate breakfast and headed out the door to Sunday School. The service was preached by a Retired Pastor, since Dr. Fisher was on his way home from India still. By the time we got back home from Church J's dad had already made it back home safe and sound. We got to hear all of the India missions trip stories, which were interesting and funny to say the very least. Then it was foreign-gift-exchange time. Dr. Fisher brought me back a lovely purple necklace from India and a mechanical compass/sundial for Jared. After we got done opening our gifts it was time for linner. We had roast and potatoes and caught up on each other's lives, and it was just great, really. 

That afternoon/evening Jared and I watched the entirety of Season Two of The Walking Dead. It's official. We're obsessed. 

And then we prayed together before bed. . . that God would lead our next few months according to His will, and that He would make a way for us to get married sooner, rather than later.

 // 3.4.13. //
Jared woke me up really early and I walked him to the door and kissed him goodbye, not knowing when the next time we'd see each other again would be. It was so hard shutting the door behind him as he walked away. After J left I packed up my things, watched some tv with Tricia for a bit and then hit the road. I then (only after 45 minutes on the road) started to feel carsick WHILE DRIVING! due to the gusty winds that were whipping my car to and fro all over the highway. I nearly hit a person because of the crazy wind . . . had to pull my car over, calm myself down, get some coffee from Mickey D's and then I got back on the highway where I prayed and cried for nearly an hour and a half with my Jesus. 

And now I'm back home. Surviving. And I miss his warm smile, his nerdy banter and the presence of his quiet strength. In all this I know I must be strong. This is my season to bear for a reason. I know Jared and I will get through this far-apart season soon enough. God will make a way.


  1. Enjoyed hearing about you two. Just reading this post was encouraging. Best of wishes!

    1. Thanks for those well wishes, Jackson! We really miss hanging out with you guys at WABC!!

  2. Oh long distance relationships. I'm there with my Fiance right now and it's pretty hard. But worth it ;)

    1. Yes, they are totally worth it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Maya! =)

  3. I just love that first picture of the two of you! =-)

    1. I think this photo of us is slowly starting to become my favorite. =)

  4. It is always so fun reading about other long distance couples! Loved your dates. We also go to museums (tons) for dates and absolutely love Titanic. ;-) We are approximately 1100 miles away. Eek! Anywho, praying for you during this season (and hope it passes quickly and delightfully :-)). His plans are perfect.

    (Ah, I tried to publish a comment and somehow it didn't allow me...or erased it. I am not so sure what happened, haha. I am sorry if you receive a similar one)

    1. Whew! 1100 miles definitely has me and my guy beat by quite a few miles. I hope you don't have to be apart from your sweetheart for too much longer either, Gabriela! ;-)

  5. Stay strong! :) I know it must really be hard for you, but I admire how much you still follow after God and know He has a plan for this in your life. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoy hearing about you, your life, and your love :) You are a blessing and encouragement! I really hope and pray the Lord blesses you and continues to bless you in your life :)


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