Beautiful Book Covers

 I just bought this book a couple of weeks ago. As it turns out Beth Revis is a local author from my neck of the mountains. I learned about her from my writer friend Marybeth Whalen. I am anxious to sink my teeth into this novel! *Beth's next book is coming out soon*

 Cinderella meets cyborgs? I think YES. This book will be available 1/3/2012

 Young adult dystopia. I think I may just want to read this one some day.

 Honestly, I bought this book (used for $4) because 1) The cover photography was so stunning and 2) I love Hilary Duff!

 You know it's funny that I love stories and movies about the circus and all things cirque freaky, but I do not actually love going to real life circuses. I am afraid of clowns. There I said it. This book will be out sometime next year, as well. Isn't the cover art just fab? 

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I recently used this photo in my last blog post, and at the time I had NO CLUE that it was indeed a book cover until I just so happened to spot the novel listed on

'Beauty & The Beast' is my all time favorite fairy tale. And this is Melanie Dickerson's up-and-coming novel that is a retelling of B&B. I am beyond ecstatic about the release of this book! I loved Melanie's first book "The Healer's Apprentice" (which was a reimagining/retelling of Sleeping Beauty) so very much and I'm sure her next book will be just as great...if not better! This book releases in November of this year.

A retelling/imagining of Romeo & Juliet. A mythos all it's own. I must read this book...soon!

I adore this book cover. I was so happy to find that Lisa T. Bergen's novel 'Waterfall' was (AND STILL IS) FREE on Amazon for Kindle. Hurry on over to amazon and get your e-book!!

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I'm a sucker for beautiful book covers, as you might have noticed. Book covers are what I look at first when browsing for books. Usually if the cover design doesn't pique my interest I don't even bother to pick the book up (sad to say), unless of course the book is written by one of my all time favorite authors. I know, I know! "Don't judge a book by it's cover." 

How about you? Have you heard of any good reads or seen any super beautiful book covers lately? I'd love for you to feed my ever hungry book list and spark my imagination further with an image of a lovely book cover, or two or three!

Happy Saturday! Keep on reading!!


  1. {Sierra} Thanks for the book suggestions!

  2. Ooh! Those sound soo good!! The one with the leg that you can see the skeleton looks a little creepy though! haha :D


  3. {Miss Raquel} Well, it's not exactly a skeleton, since Cinder is a Cyborg, but yeah, I know what you mean, girl! ;) ::hugs-back-at-ya::

  4. Wow, Sarah Elizabeth! Those are beautiful and/or unusual bookcovers! Thanks for sharing all the visual richness! :) I was excited about the free book you mentioned for Kindle and so I went to check it out. Turns out it's not free anymore, but I found under Kindle an amazing page because of you recommending that book! It's the "top 100" like favorites in ebooks, and the "top FREE 100" in ebooks! I looked through and found about 3 books for $1 apiece and am excited, but also found 3 for FREE that I'm super excited about! Surely you know about these little sidebar goodies on the Kindle page . . .but thought I'd share! Thank you for referring me to the free book (though it wasn't free it led me to 6 more! haha).

    I love the photos or pictures on the front of books like those by Jodi Picoult (a fave author of mine) and by Linda Nichols (haven't read her books yet, but the covers are cool!). :) Read either of these authors?

  5. {Dove of Snow} Yes, my momma and I are always shouting from across the house "Hey, have you seen such-and-such-book for FREE on Kindle yet?" There is a new(er) Christian author named Christa Allan and her book called 'The Edge of Grace' is on Kindle for FREE right now. So glad you found a bunch of freebies!! Yes, I really like Jodi Picoult's book covers, though I've not read any of books...yet.


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