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Despite being the city-girl who's been grumpy about living in a small country-fied town some (okay most) days, I've decided that I'm going to do my best to see the little things in everyday country-livin' life as blessings or joys-to-be-found-in-disguise. Now, those little things may masquerade as the insignificant or the unnoticeable, but I know that if I look hard enough I can surely find them. They are there waiting for me patiently to be sought after and found. I know that the Lord is challenging me to stake His cross here in this clay-earthened town in which I've been painstakingly planted.

Now the big question I have to ask myself is: Am I willing to let God use me where I have been stationed? I want to. I need to. I am going to try my hardest to. Sincerely. I've been running from the idea lately of letting God use me here because I've just been wanting to wait until I move to where I want to live at (which is not here), but God doesn't work like that. God wants to move me. He wants for me to be moved by Him and to move where I've been planted. Am I completely blissfully happy about this whole trying to find things to be happy about right here, right now, no not all the time. Most days I'm not happy about where I've been placed, but I never would have grown as much as I have in my lifetime so far had I not moved here. These are the little things that God has been whispering to my stubborn hardened soul.

Saint Maximilian Kolbe  
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All of these reflections over the last few days made me think back to a few weeks ago when I heard Ann Voskamp (One Thousand Gifts) speak at the She Speaks Conference about a man named Maximilian Kolbe. I sat there listening to her painting the horrible circumstances of this man's life before me, and I wept. I wept because it saddened me greatly and because it brought me a strong sense of hope. A hope which ashamedly I have forgotten over the past few weeks. This hope is that all joy and love is found in Him. In the places which He has planted us. In the places He will one day re-plant us in...

Kolbe praised the Lord every day, all day long, while living in a brutal, war torn, fear filled world: the camps of Auschwitz. He had no name there. His was prisoner #16670. While others in the camp were afraid to speak out in front of the Nazi's he was not. He praised the name of the Lord and told the countless residents of Auschwitz about God's great love for them. (Please, read Kolbe's full story sometime. You won't regret it!)

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With these thoughts and whispers now driven like a spear deeper and deeper into my heart I begin to wonder how I could ever complain about where I've been planted at when Kolbe gave praise and a great sacrifice in the name of love while in one of the ugliest places on earth. Then I think on further... What about the Apostle Paul giving great thanks to God while living in a prison cell, still enthusiastic about the Message that he carried within his heart and shared with everyone he met daily? If these great men could praise and give great thanks to the Creator in the midst of their darkest times then why can I not be a woman who is so filled with Him, with the name of His praise on my lips no matter where I live at or what I am going through? I believe that I can be love here too. In this place.

Thoughts of love. Perspectives. Our perceptions. Are they not everything? Is a place not only made beautiful because of the people who dwell there? If we but chose to see beauty within each face placed before us then wouldn't we perhaps find the place in which we dwell more beautiful than ever before? So many thoughts...more whispering...

"I've found the recipe for being happy whether full or hungry, hands full or hands empty. Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am." (Philippians 4:12-13, The Message)

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{Questions for you} 
If you've been struggling with living where God has planted you at right now, how have you been dealing with it? How are you conquering it?

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{My prayer} 
Lord, use me where I've been planted, and where I will one day be planted. Help me to live a full life that is always mindful of the thanks which are to be given to you daily, Father. Thank you for your mighty love, the salvation you give and your gentle everyday whispers. Thank you for speaking into me and constantly wooing heart. May my heart always long to run after you. Amen.


  1. I grew up in a small resort community that was an hour from the nearest "big town". I hated every minute of it. To be honest, I don' think I ever learned to love it.

    When I married, I lived closer to the bigger town, but we are still a ways out. I've wanted to live in a big city most of my life. But, these days...I've learned to just love where I am. Love it, because it's my home. It's where my husband hangs his hat. And honestly, the biggest city in the world couldn't make me happy compared to knowing I'm simply where I'm supposed to be.

  2. {Lauren} Thanks!

    {Sierra} I'm so glad to hear that for you! And thank you, prayers are very much appreciated. You keep growing beautiful too, dear! =)

    {Heather} I loved that last line that you wrote! I totally agree with you on that one. Honestly, I think that whatever town, as long as I'm near Jared, will be where my heart always desires to be. That's part of the reason I've been struggling so...because I miss my guy when he's gone and the miles separate us from one another.

  3. Sarah Elizabeth, beautiful post!

    I actually enjoyed living in the country and to this day, I miss the many benefits and pros. However, I also find I'm very happy in our little home smack dab in the middle of a (small) town. The town is big enough while not being overwhelming.

    Home is where the heart is . . . that's a quote that comes to mind. To me, while I still have another place or two that I'd "LOVE" to live someday....I find that it's a heart attitude. Being happy where you live is all about your heart and choosing contentment. I've known folks who move to where they itched so badly to move and still were restless and not finding themselves in God's will. God can use us anyplace! :) Have a blessed day! -- Rachel

  4. {Dove of Snow} Yes, I also believe that Home is where the heart is. The hardest part some days for me is that the biggest part of my heart lies not where my Home currently is. Jared and I are apart, and most of my not being very happy about where I am at currently heavily rides on that very fact. I know God is strengthening both Jared and I in our relationship through our distance. HE is firing our mettle slowly. And while patience is not my strong suit, I pray that one day maybe waiting and learning to be content with where I've been planted will become much easier.


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