Thank You, July

 I used to not care for you too much, July. Now I see that even though you were stifling hot you held dear memories that laid in wait within your sweltering veins for me. You held many gifts. Gifts of which I will be forever grateful for. Gifts I cannot reciprocate, but ones that I can clasp tightly to my beating heart.

 You held summer-time in your palms, and frightening storms that illumined the night skies. You held new adventures and hope. You held much laughter and quarrels, but much much more laughter!

New memories and road trips were among your many days. I learned more about life, and the ways in which You would have me go. You've held the fears of which I had to face, but you held beauty as well for the world to see. July, you weren't just another month after all that I thought I would have wanted to wish away. I wanted to embrace you dearly, and so I did. Many gifts did I receive.

 You became a broad smile on my freckled pale face. You became a place that holds warm dream filled memories for the colder days that are coming. You became the knowledge giver, and the drive to carry on. You became the will to get through the rough days, and gave me the dream to hold on.

August, will you now speak to my heart? Show me how to live a life of gratitude and trust. Help me to have faith in His plans that are so much greater than I.

Will you hold my fears at bay? It's a brand new day, with no mistakes in it, yet. It's a new month to cherish. It's a new season to draw closer to The Giver.

There are many gifts to receive I am sure, but help me live a life that does not forget to give. Help me to live.


  1. ♥ Thanks, Brittany and Sierra! ♥

  2. I love the last picture the best!! :) Of course they are all very pretty.

  3. The last photo is my favorite too, Kristin. Thanks! :)))

  4. Beautiful images, images that I see God in, just like when I look at you!


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