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A little over 20 minutes ago I felt everything shake around me. I thought perhaps that I might have been shaking my leg...hence why the ground beneath me was shaking. I looked down at my leg, and it wasn't shaking. I stood up from where I was sitting at my desk and the shaking got even heavier. My bookshelves swayed and the view of our land outside my bedroom window shook strongly, as did I while standing. Yes, it was indeed an earthquake!

Did you feel it too? What were you doing when it hit? 


  1. I felt it too! It was so strange...I live in NC and we usually don't have earthquakes around here. It felt like the whole house was shaking here. Scary! I'm so glad that God protected everyone. Our local news said that no damage has been reported so far the last time I checked.

    Is everything okay where you live?

    <3 Moriah

  2. At work in Germantown MD, about 80 miles from the epicenter. It started out subtle. We all thought it was just some people upstairs moving equipment around as they are apt to do. Then after several seconds things started visibly shaking and we figured out it was an earthquake. Just as we started to react it was all over and everyone had a good laugh and spent the next 20 minutes or so standing around outside pretending that it was unsafe to get back to work.

  3. I felt it from Greenville, SC! It wasn't very hard but my bed was shaking and my was pretty creepy! How close were you?!

  4. {Crista Moriah} I live in NC too! And you're right, normally we don't. A few picture frames fell off the wall and broke at the Family Christian Store where I work at, but nothing was damaged at my home.

    {Travis} Milking the earthquake we-can't-possibly-work-now excuse, huh? Epic.

    {Mere} Well, I live in the foothills of the Western NC mountains so I'm not exactly sure how far away I was from the epicenter, but all I know is that me, my room and everything outside my room was shaking pretty hard for a good 20 seconds or so.

    {Sierra} Yes, it was a 5.9 that started in Virginia.

  5. I didn't feel it. But, I've felt several in the past few months. Craziness!


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